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I just got back from graduation at the beginning of this week. Now it's time to readjust all over again to Tech School. I'm wondering how the transition periods work at Keesler. Do we have to be married for my airman to be able to stay the night out with me when I visit? Also any other info regarding how the system works at Keesler would be helpful, I can't find anything.
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I visited my fiance when he was at keesler, and he stayed off base with me. As kmcd said, there isnt the normal phase system, it takes about two weeks for him to phase up and be able to get a hotel pass

your man may be thinking about the when hes LTP be cant stay off base, that's the first phase

My man is there now.... hes able to stay off base on the weekends once he gets to ATP- i haven't been there yet but im going September 3... if you Google it you can even see that they can stay off base on the weekends- my man already checked on that with the higher up classes ( like the men that have already phased up and slept off base ) It has nothing to do with being married- that's only to be able to live with him on base and get the perks of being in the military.

well my bf seems to think that he won't be able to stay with me. I'm guessing you're speaking from experience right, like your bf stayed with you when you visited him at keesler?

unlike most tech school keesler doesnt have 3 phases- only 2 (LTP & ATP)- they have to pass 2 room inspections and 2 open ranks to move up - You dont have to be married to visit him and stay in a hotel together- he gets weekends off base once he gets to ATP so you can visit for a long weekend - he gets a long weekend (friday off) every other week. Hope that helps!