Tech School.

It's been a while since i've updated. Pretty much Tech school is rough on me. I miss my boyfriend :( I miss going on dates with him and waking up to him. But I know that this will all be worth it in the end.

He's loving Tech School. Well, as much as he can. He loves having the freedom and stuff. I get to talk to him every day. and I'm about to start making his first "care package" :) He's in Phase 2 already, and i'm ready for him to graduate NOW!! Not til October though :(

We plan on getting married very soon, and when he graduates from Tech, we're being stationed in Colorado Springs!!! I'm SO SO SO excited!! But they also told him there's a good chance of him being deployed after 3 months. Which breaks my heart, I don't know what i'll do. But i'm just looking foward to being an Airforce wife, or more importantly, HIS wife, and being the new Mrs Medlin!! :)

I have to admit, I miss getting letters, so enjoy that as much as you can, and keep them forever. <3

-We'll get through deployment, through duty, through field. As you fight this war, our love is your shield. Life will shoot bullets called distance and fights, called days without talking, & long sleepless nights. Bullets don't scare me, i'll take them with pride, this battle's not so bad 'cause you're by my side. Sleep good tonight for half my heart I lack, sleep good tonight because my Airman has your back ♥

-Give me the greatness of the heart to see, the difference between duty and his love for me. Give me understanding so that I may know, when duty calls he must go. Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time while he is away. ♥

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Thats a heart touching post.<br />
I pray that your soldier will be with you at last.<br />
Just have faith and patient.

One thing that has helped a little is Skype. My boyfriend finished Tech School in April and was assigned to Alaska. As soon as he got there he bought a laptop and downloaded Skype. We go on "Skype Dates" every weekend. We both get the snacks that we used to enjoy together and one of us will put a movie into the computer. Once you hit "share screen" you both can watch the same movie at the same time and still talk to each other throughout the movie. There is a 3 second delay though, but it's worth it! Hang in there!!!!