Running On Low

I was just fine for the first few days, especially after his phone call. Maybe its because I havnt sent him any of the letters I have written yet but I am beginning to feel really really sad. I have some plans with friends tomorrow to hang out and watch movies and do girly stuff I havnt done in a good few months but I miss my man. I don't think its smart to write him a bunch of letters JUST saying how much I miss him cause I don't want him to feel bad. And ideas to get rid of the blues. I just really miss my baby...
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Hey hun. My boyfriend graduated from basic june 4th. And when I went to see him graduate he told me that the letters are what kept him goin. No matter if they were short or long. All he looked forward to was mail call. So write write write! I only got 3 letters from my boyfriend, and none longer then a page. But he did call every sunday. Anyways I encourage you to write everyday and get them sent out ASAP so your man stays strong! Basic isn't easy and all he wants right now is to hear from you, just like all you want is to hear from him. Any questions just ask!

I felt the same way that you do. I didn't want to continually send Travis letters that said how much I missed him because I didn't want him to feel guilty for being away or to worry about me. But, honestly, I snuck some of it in sometimes :P and he never seemed to mind. If you're feeling it, he's feeling it, and it helps them to know that you're missing them just as badly as they miss you. Putting it in every letter is fine, just keep it to a brief paragraph and move on. Keep him updated about home, if you see something funny, tell him about it, and keep him updated on your life. Ask questions about training. Before you know it, you will have "lots" to talk about.<br />
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I kept busy with school. My friends were kind of MIA, so if yours are there, lean on them. They really do want to help. :) And come here and post as much as you need to because that was also what helped me get through this experience!<br />
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If you ever need a sympathetic ear, no judgments, you can always email me. :)

i sent him a letter every single day.. and every day i would tell him that i love him and i would tell him i miss him. telling him you miss him is not a bad thing. just dont go on and on about it forever in your letters.. for example. if you say you miss him follow it by something like but i know that you are worth every second i have to miss you! its prob a good thing for him to hear that you miss him.. he needs that too ;) hope this helped.. <br />
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hang in there. the first week was the hardest.. and it only gets closer to seeing him... :)

Write alot of about anything...Write about little things that you did. Talk about your day. Make sure you tell him you do miss him and everything. It's gona be hard for the few couple weeks, but it gets a little easier. especially after the first month. My bf graduates in 19th days and i have sent around 22 letters. anywhere between 2-7 pages. I've gotten 15 from him anywhere between 3-7 pages. Of course he has alot more to write about since his life is alot of eventful there than mine is here lol..And I always apoligize for boring him lol. But he says it doesnt matter what my letters are about, he just loves getting them. So just write to him everyday any chance you can or feel sad. No matter what its about. Tell him a joke. Anytthing. Just stay busy and write as much as possible. That's what I've been doing. I mean its been over a month for me already and I do run out of stuff to talk about. But I just ramble on and dumb stuff and send at least 2 pages even if its boring. stay strong and I hope things get better soon for you.