im sitting in a coffee shop that i used to buy tea for us at and it makes me remember one morning I felt super upset cause i was pmsing so i wanted to do something really sweet for him so I made a mug of hot tea for him and went into town to see him and pick him up for school, it was snowing pretty hard and I too a turn a little to sharp and the tea went everywhere, he came outside to see me toweling off the inside of my truck with my extra shirt i had in the truck and crying, he asked what happend when i explained he just laughed and hugged me and the next morning I got him tea from here...

I dont know why but little memories like that get to me and I like coming to this coffe shop cause its so relaxing. (that and no internet out in the boonies where I live haha)  I'm kinda pmsing at the moment so hopefully my feelings of helplessness will disperse after im done.

Also I mailed him yesterday and then just today I got the post card with his address and I misheard a number and a letter and I forgot to put a line in the address so I feel pretty crummy. and advice? will it come back to me in a couple weeks or will it still get to him? It was nine pages and I'm gonna feel really sad if he doesnt get please?
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I miss everything. I heard the second week is the wors but man this is the pitts :(

It's the little memories that mean the most. I miss when me and my boyfriend would nap together and when we would hang out at each other's houses. It those times that give you motivation to look forward to tomorrow. You'll find yourself remembering the smallest things and miss those times the most.:/ Just hang in there time will pass. I came a long way. It seemed like Hector's graduation was never going to come but look at me, in six days I'm going to be over there.(:

thankyou, I hope it goes faster than it seems to be going.

I would think as long as you have his name right and that it says "lackland afb, tx" you should be ok. Because at least it got to the afb and if worst comes to worst they can just look up his name and see where he is at you know? I was really worried about that too because when he called me, I was in the car and he was like 'hurry up get a piece of paper and pen' and all i had was a receipt and a permanent marker so i was rushing to write it all down and didnt realize how confusing and long it was going to be so i had letters and numbers allll over this receipt so i had to try and remember the order of everything when I got home and rewrite it. I was so worried i had it wrong but thank god i didnt lol And yes, its little memories like that are what really make you upset. I try to not think about it. bc it just makes me upset. He boyfriend had a crotch rocket (sold it right before he left for bmt) and we use to ALWAYS go on it and ride around downtown chicago at night and stuff and every single time i see a crotch rocket, it reminds me of all those times and i get upset. But just remember that you will be having so many more of those good times once he is done with bmt. Remember its only 8 1/2 weeks. yeah, it seems long but now that im leaving in 2 weeks for graduation, looking back it doesnt seem all that bad. My boyfriend tells me that anytime he feels upset or depressed or sad he just thinks about all the stuff we would do together and all the memories we have and it makes him feel better. I'm sure its the same for your boyfriend. Just stay strong and I'll be over soon!

...why can guys not make their six's and eight's look makes it really hard to write the address lol

i messed up on my mans unit number at first- but he got all of his letters - the address should look like this ( x's are specific to his TRS, Flight, and unit) Also this site should help you <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
AB Last name, First name, middle initial<br />
xxx TRS / FLT xxx / Dorm xx<br />
PSC 3<br />
1320 Truemper St Unit xxxxxx<br />
Lackland AFB, TX 78236

thank you so much I was so worried it wouldn't get to him but its such a long address its almost intimidating really =/. I'm glad I'm not the only person who remembers stuff I would literally be sitting on the couch with him and say something simple and he would be surprised that I remembered it haha.

I heard as long as you have most of the address right it will most likely get mailed to him. A lot of people mess up on the address the first few times so im sure theyre used to it. Anyway, I totally know what you mean about the small memories. But they really mean a lot later on and they always make me feel better remembering them!