Did anyone else have dreams about their boyfriend ALOT more than usual once he left for bmt? Cause I dont mind the dreams but sometimes they get really weird. I have completely cut myself off from soda pop because a couple nights ago I had a dream that he proposed to me by putting the ring in my mashed potatoes for dinner...it was really weird I literally wrote in one of his letters "baby, please never propose to me with potatoes." the funniest thing is that my cousin seems to think that its prophetic, to which I replied "hun...he proposed with a starch..." overall it was actually really funny but now if he ever makes me mashed potatoes I'm gonna be kinda scared haha.
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...rofl my boyfriends name is blake too. he says if we have kids he always jokes were gonna have no kids or a football team lol

Yep, I've had lots of dreams about my man. The first few nights he was gone though I had this recurring nightmare that a yelling man called me on the phone to say my man had died in his sleep :( :( :( :( it was horrible and i woke up crying several times but couldn't seem to shake the dream. but i've also had funnier dreams about him haha. One night I couldn't sleep and ended up watching 19 Kids and Counting until 3 am. When I finally fell asleep I dreamed Blake and I had gotten married and set a goal to have 20 children! It was pretty funny <3

haha yeah.. i dreamt of him every night.. and the thing is that just means you are htinking about him before you go to sleep cause whatever is on your mind is what you dream of.. i loved it cause it was like i was with him.. =) just waking up sucked!

yeah, lol the weirdest one I have to say was I had a dream about him yelling at me to give him blue fun dip, the weird part is he hates sugar and he wont even try it bacause its just pure sugar which he thinks is gross lol.

Yes!! Omg i have dreams about him allll the time! some of them are really weird and some of them are good lol. its crazy. But its a good thing. Its a way for us to be able to see them and stuff even though they aren't here you know?