Graduation Questions

I leave in exactly 2 weeks from today for graduation. FINALLY!!!! I was just wondering from those of you went, what did you wear? I know it's going to be hot, but what did you wear for the graduation? I know it's probably weird, but I don't to be over or under dressed. Thanks!
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4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Thanks! I cant wait! And yeah i need to figure something out with my hair because I have alot of hair in the first place, and the humidity just makes it sooo much worse lol. thank you !! only 2 weeks left for me!

Hey! I just went to the graduation last week, and it was amazing!! It is very hot, so make sure you dress comfortably. Also, the humidity and being outside did awful things to my hair, just something to take into consideration while you're getting ready. I wore a sun dress on Thursday and on Sunday for church. The other two days I just wore jean shorts and cute tank tops. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes too. I had flip flops, which I was fine with. But we did do quite a bit of walking, so heels may not be the best idea unless you're used to wearing them! The last few weeks felt soooo long to me, but eventually you'll get there and everything will be worth it! Hang in there!

Yeah thats what I figured I should wear. I was just making sure. Thanks! I'm not looking forward to the heat. My boyfriend tells me in every single letter how hot it is there lol. And yeah I CANNOT wait lol. Im soooo excited! I remember when I first found this website right after he left my countdown was in the 50s and I remember thinking "omg im never gonna make it to the teens" and now here I am almost single digits! I am so excited!

hey its hot- like wicked hottttttt- also very humid! I went a few weeks ago- i mostly just wore sun dresses- trust me its the best thing to wear in the heat- nothing too fancy just simple and cute- your going to have the best time ever! its the best feeling ever once you finally touch him! i was the first person up and out of those seats the second they said go get your airman!