The First Day

My boyfriend left yesterday for BMT. The date had been a long time coming, but this first day has been hard. It's our first time not speaking in 2 years. He called home this morning and gave his address...his recruiter was amazed he was allowed to do that the first day. I'm thankful I found this site, reading through these posts has been very helpful. I was very unfamiliar with the military before he enlisted 8 months ago and this has experience has been so eye opening.  I'm counting the days till his graduation...luckily it falls on his birthday. I would be so thankful for any tips or advice out there. My heart goes out to all of you.

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5 Responses Aug 4, 2010

yeah.. its pretty rough. My boyfriend left for his BMT last week. although its only been a week and some days i feel like its been forever since i seen him or talked to him. I guess it was because i was so used to being with him most of the times. we've been together for about a year now, so I know how much difficult it can be for you. My boyfriends best friend just graduated from his BMT and his girlfriend has been telling me some stuff about what she went through .. . and overall you just have to keep on writing (like they all say ) to your man as much as you can. although im still new at this too just like you, i can tell you so far that writing to him does help out a lot in your end. When you run to your friends trying to look for some comfort , you may not see the "kind" of support you want to hear. all they can say is that "its ok, you just miss him " but the key thing about that is we all know you miss him already .. its just driving you nuts sometimes. I guess you just have to find your own niche on to keep yourself busy .. mine is work and school. Hobbies dont really seem to help me out a lot bc it relaxes my mind into thinking of my man too much =( can get sad sometimes. So i try to pick something that will keep my mind busy. reading more about the AF can help out a lot too. When you dig deep enoug and hear from your friends about "military experience " that they have heard this and that, just remember thats what "they" went through and not you or your man. Dont let anything scare you , bc i let that happen to me , and then i soon realized that anything according to me and my man can happen for the good or sad times and im just ready for that! <br />
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Stay strong and keep your head high, bc im pretty sure that hes dying to hear your voice and see you just like mine is =) lol i hope !

The countdown is on! Hang in there, you will make it through this! As the other girls have said, one thing that really helps the time to go by faster is writing letters. It will really help you feel like you are talking to him, and it will help him while he is at Basic. My boyfriend also said that he really appreciated receiving updates of what is going on in the world. I cut an article out of our town newspaper and sent it to him, and he said it was passed around his whole squadron! is all Air Force all the time for him at Basic, so just write about anything that you think he would find interesting in your life, or in your town, or with his favorite sports teams, or whatever! Don't wait for him to write you back, just keep writing! As far as keeping yourself busy, try to find things to do that you have always wanted to do but never got around to. Time will go faster than you think. The first few weeks are rough, but eventually you will receive letters and phone calls from him. If you have the chance to go to his graduation, definitely do it! He will love it, and so you will you! Good luck!

Stay BUSY!!!! OMG stay busy!! lol If you dnt you'll be a mess like me. BMT goes by pretty quickly but always write him. He might not get to write you back often but he'll greatly appreciate it. The first week is gonna be hard because you wont hear from him but after that its not that bad. When my boyfriend got a chance to call me I was shopping lol. I was so happy that i almost cried at the department store. <br />
The by the end of the wee I got my first letter. Everything will be fine just make sure you write him alot.

my boyfriend is in week 4 now, and i'm not gonna lie it hasn't been easy. the first 2 weeks were the worst, i found myself crying when i saw something that reminded me of him (which was like ALL THE TIME). But if you keep yourself busy with friends, work, school etc. it really does help! i don't know what i would do if it wasn't for my friends. i write to him everyday, sometimes twice a day when i'm feeling upset. try and keep your letters postive, although i can't say i always do. sometimes i just want to let him know how i'm feeling. but WRITE WRITE WRITE. he says my letters are what gets him through basic. i've gotten 7 letters and 3 phone calls. and let me tell you once those start coming, it gets SOOOOOOO much better. the first week was bad because i hadn't heard anything from him, but once you get the letters and calls and he tells you how much he loves you and how he can't wait to see you, it makes you feel a lot better. I read my letters all the time before i go to bed. however, don't expect anything. if you expect something and you don't get it then you get upset, but if you don't expect anything and you get something, it makes it even better :)<br />
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at times its felt like its going slow, but i can't believe its been 4 weeks for already. Hang in there girl and it'll be over before you know it :) we'll always here for you if you want to vent and talk to :)

keep your self busy and time really flies! i wrote to my fiance every single night, and it always felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest, because he's my best friend and it was hard not being able to tell him everything. plus, letters get them through boot camp, even if its just you talking about your day, it feels like youre talking to them. my fiance was called by his recruiter 2 days after easter saying he leaves in a week, so i dont know whats worse, being shocked that the love of your life is going to be gone in a few DAYS, or having quite a few months to prepare for it. either way, its not easy, but i took it week by week, and graduation comes in no time. and graduation is like thee best weekend ever. must see. good luck:)