Beast Week.

My airman is now a seventh weeker! I will be on my way to San Antonio in exactly 6 days!:D the only problem is..I haven't received a call from my airman.:( He didn't call me this past Sunday. He always calls on Sundays and one time he called on a Monday. It worries me because I don't know what's going on. Why wasn't he able to call me the Sunday after Beast week? Why haven't I gotten a letter? His letters usually take 3 days to get to me..He told me he wouldn't be able to write during Beast but he's been out since Friday..has this happened to anybody? What happened in the end? I just really wana hear from him.:(
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Oh wow thats awesome! lol ya Greg tells me soooo much stuff in his letters and phone calls. I was wondering how he was graduating the 20th if he left on the 7th. But its because he got recycled. What was he recycled for?

Yeah he is, well the 20th. His trs/flt is 320/546 how about yours? Im getting so excited I cannot wait!!

Hmm, thats weird. My boyfriend just got back from Beast week yesterday and he called me today and was able to talk for 30 minutes. This is the 6th phone call I have gotten from him. 7th including the address phone call. I have gotten 20 letters so far and he said he sent 2 yesterday when he got back from beast. I wouldnt be too worried though especially since you will see him in a matter of days!! Have fun! My boyfriend graduates the week after yours!

Okay well it's good to know that this has happened to other girls lol. I was like what's going on?! Whew! I feel so much better.:) I still haven't received a letter or a phone call but I'm not that bummed out because in 5 days I'll be wrapped up in his arms.:D I'm just going to stay positive. I'm sure he's really busy! Thank you girls! And yes I WILL have fun!((:

hey hun. i also didnt get letters or a call right after beast week. i only got 3 calls during basic (every other weekend) but the weekend after beast, i didnt get one and i should have.. and as for the letters they cant write while at beast sooo thats why you havent gotten any. im oo excited for you! 6 days will go quick.. have fun!

After Beast week the guys are super busy finishing things up before they graduate. I didn't get a call after Beast, but I did get a call the Friday before I left for graduation. And I didn't receive any letters after Beast either. I was so bummed about that because I had really hoped to get another letter before I saw him at graduation! Don't worry though, I'm sure everything is fine, he's just being kept really busy right now. Keep writing and look at the positive...only 6 days left until you see him!!

Hey girly, calm down! lol but i mean its understandable why your freakin out cuz this same thing happened to me and i was like "omg is he in trouble? Is he not gunna graduate?" everything was goin threw my head lol...i didnt get a call after beast! and most of the ladies on here would write stories bout gettin their call after beast and it worried me alot..YOUR LUCKY U GOT CALLS EVERY SUNDAY i only got about.........4 calls during the whole BMT time i didnt get a call for 3 weeks in a row..imagine wat was going threw my mind lol...but it was mostly because they were doing bad at inspections and stuff like that..i wouldnt worry about sure everything is fine =] he prolly hasnt called you after beast cuz maybe they didnt do as good as his TI wanted you know? ti is prolly being a di*k head lol im sure you will get a call soon =] you will forsure get a call this weekend if you dont get one during the week this week...but that will be your last call cuz then you get to see him right? so dont worry you will get one this weekend =]

you're lucky he's called my man called three times the whole time he was there never closer than two weeks apart, Ian wasnt allowed to write during beast because theyre really really busy and their only down time was sleep and well even that got interrupted, just breathe i'm positive something will come soon... I didn't get a letter until the thursday after beast week so maybe yours will come today!