Going Crazy

Hi everybody i joined this blog because i was looking for people who would understand the things that im going through. My boyfriend of 2 yrs. is in the air force. He's been in it since feb. and his now currently stationed in Germany.   We're tryna make our relationship work because w love each other very much but i feel like im gonna go crazy!!! He's only been there for a little over a week and my mind is everywhere.  Im suppose to go visit him in the spring when Im done with school but idk wat to do with myself until them. we skype each other n email each other but when we're not im a mess. Can anyone help me plz?
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Hi My fiance is stationed in Guam and has been there since December, I visited him in May and it's so difficult with the time difference and everything. I'm also not sure when I'll see him next. Sometimes I feel like skype and email and short phone convos are not enough. We just make sure that we are communicating even more so because we are not together, and communicating about every feeling even if its a bad feeling. And of course its super difficult trying to plan a wedding for next August! and then I'll be moving next December to wherever we go. But keep faith in your relationship and focus on your trip to Germany, because every day that goes by is one day closer to seeing each other. Also, I started to distance myself from friends because it was hard seeing them with boyfriends and families but once I explained to them how I felt I began to feel mroe comfortable because you still need that friend time to keep your mind occupied. Keep your head up :)