Me Again =] Sry Its Long Lol

So I havent posted anything in a while, so im here to update all of you ladies, and also introduce myself to all the newbies =]
Im 22 and i have a soon to be 3 year old son..i live in California, born and raised..the only other place ive been is Texas for my husbands
BMT graduation..First time on a plane, first time outta cali..first time for everything (even jus being at an airport lol sad i know) BUT next month..either the 3rd or the 17th =] (havnt got the exact date yet) i will be moving from my home town to Biloxi husband is going to tech at Keesler AFB and his schooling is over a year long so the Airforce is paying to get my son and i, including our things to mississppi, which is pretty darn cool =] my husband Graduated from BMT July 1st. so hes been in tech already for a son hasnt seen his daddy since May 2nd =[ and im so excited to reunite Daddy and Son again =] and of course Mommy and Daddy lol (wink wink)
hes been away from home for about 4 months now.. crazy to think about it..BMT was hard but now that its over i can look back and say it was the best experience EVER!  it truly did go by quicker than it felt lol.. Our relationship grew more than ever..our love blossomed again...honestly BMT probably saved our marriage and made us both realize how much we do LOVE EACHOTHER...i love that man to death=] and bmt opened my eyes to how much i miss him jus being on our couch doing nothing but watching TV (something i always nagged at him about cuz he didnt work lol im mean i know lol).. some of you ladies may thing "your married, your suppose to always love him" and yes of course i always do love him but man oh man this experience has brought us closer than ever =] i cant explain it any better...
Anyway =] all you ladies goin threw Bmt right now..or are soon starting....WRITE WRITE WRITE!! alot of ladies say try not to write emotional letters but i say write watever your heart and minds wants you to much as we loved those letters from our men saying "baby i miss you so much, i love you so much, i cant wait to see you, i cry jus thinking about you, im crying right now, i jus really miss you" THEY LIKE GETTIN LETTERS LIKE THAT TOO.. maybe not every letter lol but i mean they love the qushy stuff sometimes too =] but write everyday!!! cuz when my husband frist left he was like okay baby dont write me every day (i dont know why he said that lol) then after a week of being in BMT i got a call and he was crying saying baby please write me everyday i want a letter ever day..He said when his Ti passed out letters his heart would beat so fast hoping one of them was his...and when he got my letter i wrote his eyes would light up and he couldnt stop smiling, his friends used to make fun of him i mean LETTERS ARE A BIG ISSUE WRITE EVERYTHING down...from what you wat you where your going, to how you feel, so what you and your best friend are fighting about lol trust me he will still love it =]
So ya my honey gets outta phase (the phase system is alot different than all the other bases) but he gets out next next week is when he ill start all the paper work to get us down there and a family again=] im so extremely excited to be a family and living together again..its been to the time i get down there it will be 5 months we've been apart =[ and man oh man am i ready to be in his arms again..let alone the same room lol.. im a bit nervous tho because im leaving the only place i know..the only place my family is..they were born in Merced cali and were raised and are still there...i have great grandparents who have been here their whole lives..and im leaving everything!! my brother jus had a baby gril 4 days ago im gong to miss out on so much when it comes to my niece =[ my best friend had a baby may 13th im going to miss out on her too..i going to miss Merced cali and everyone in it sooo much..makes me sad thinkin bout it...BUT then again i miss MY family being whole again..i miss my i sit back and think.....and know this is going to be ok....
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aww im so happy for you! i am moving to biloxi in december.. maybe i iwll see you there. ;)