Stamps Can Be Fun ;)

     Check this out guys, My grandpa was in the airforce and my grandma said that she always put her stamps upside down when she sent him letters. when I asked why she said that an upside down stamp means "I love you" so I put my stamp on my boyfriends envelope upside down and then I found this online not a week later and I though it was such a cool coincidence haha :). Enjoy ladies ;) 
livelifenoregrets livelifenoregrets
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I do and so does he haha :)

Definately use this for every letter XD

lol not a problem I just thought it was so nifty and cool :)

That is super neat! I wish I had seen this before Travis graduated from BMT! >.< It just gives me all the more excuses to still send cute little postcards. :D Thanks for sharing!