No Long Together

A week ago today my Airman left me. We were supposed to be getting married March 5th, 2011. I have planned the whole wedding and everything. All of a sudden he said he didn't want to be a relationship with me. I am having a really hard time without him. Everything reminds me of him and how much I miss having him around.   :(
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Next weekend will be 6 months since we broke up. He is now engaged.

if things dont work out . it just means he isnt "THE ONE" but u will find him girl. or maybe he is but needs to relize how much u mean to him just give it time. and dont go runing back everytime because he will figure he can leave and come back when ever he wants.

girl there is always hope ! when my boyfrind was in tech school we were engaged. Then out of the blue he decided for himself that it was not going to work out. Just like that from one day to another. He told me he it wasnt going to work out that he didnt want a relationship. I was shocked ho could he just break thing off? just a few days be4 he called me all exited because he had a dream about us getting married. he was so excited to tell me . i could tell he had a huge smile on his face. I could not understand we would talk and sometimes i would ask him "why?" ,Yet he had no answer. few months Later he asked me to be his girl.:) omg u have no clue hw long it felt to hear him ask me that . i felt like he perposed all over again. Sometimes the do this studidety because : <br />
1) they dont want u to go through the hadrships of being a Military gf/ wife<br />
2) they think that is what you want ( idk how they get those conclusions)<br />
3) they think ur better of without them<br />
4) ugh.. so many more reasons...<br />
Mine didnt want me to go through the hardships of being a military wife. but he soon Relized i dint care all that mattered to me was being his. Since be4 he joined i told him i would stay by his side NO MATTER WHAT and to this day i have kept my word:) so there is ALWAYS hope just remember *COMMUNICATION IS KEY* :D

yes :) things always happen for a better reason :) good luck!

Its ok. Its been pretty hard to deal with but i know things will be ok. Thank you!

Oh my god! :/ Ive been reading all this and when i was going to comment im happy for you and i see that you guys arent togeher again? :/ im so sorry!

Well ladies. Yet again I am single. He treated me like crap when we got back together.

Thank you Virna I am not telling my friends or family any problems we have anymore because they are holding alot of things against him right now.... Thank you again!

Thank yo Rocco1212 I wish everyone was happy for me but I have had everyone tell me in not so many words that they aren't happy for me.

well girls good news.. He changed his mind. I am making him prove to me that he is 100 % sure this time. We aren't engaged but we are back together. He asked me to wear my engagment ring as a promise ring though. I guess time does heal but it also lets people know how much the other person means to them. Good luck girls.These guys need to realize how much us girls support them and love them.

i know how you feel ex broke up with me also.he told me that he couldnt deal with the distance,he wanted to be with me all the time.and that he didnt want to hold me back in college.he talks about us one day getting back together,but i just dont know.i love him so much and i just feel that if he wants to get back together one day why not just be together now?i think this is just an excuse honestly.i think he is too immature for a serious relationship right now.but who knows.

I'm so sorry. This has to be so hard. I have my airman in Tech school and he will be home at the end of September. We are doing okay...he is having such a hard time though.

Hon, I don't know if it's that he decided he's better off without you, I just think that the military tends to change guys more than they realize (and unfortunately more than we realize). It took me going through the Army BMT with my ex-boyfriend and his being a completely different person when he came home before I realized just how different they come home. My current boyfriend is slightly different now, but I'm expressing to him that I see these changes, and I'm hoping that they're only temporary.<br />
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It's possible his priorities changed or what he wants out of life changed after BMT and time at tech. And, like I said, if that's so, then it's not that he's better off without you - you're better off without HIM. You will find someone who loves you and will work on your relationship and one that won't ignore how stressful some situations are for you. I know it seems cliche to say now, but my grandma always used to remind me "this too shall pass," and it does. Keep your chin up. Talk WHENEVER you need to.

sarahmayy - Thank you! All you girls mean alot to me. You have all helped me many times. <br />
<br />
Virna- He gave up. He knows I love him and I will support him 110% but he gave up and left and decided he is better off without me. :(

Well, at least this way you know that if he gave up that quickly, there's no way his love for you was strong enough to survive the distance and strain a military relationship can provide.<br />
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Put your energy into focusing on yourself and meeting someone who's love for you does go that extra mile. :) Just because you're not dating an Air Force guy anymore doesn't mean you're not still special to us! <3

Thanks guys! He text me lastnight and told me he was sorry for being such a jerk to me but he doesn't know if he sees us getting back togther. I think that was my answer that I need to move on. Just really sucks. I love him so much. He gave up so fast.

I'm horribly sorry to hear this. :[ It's stories like this that make me cautious in my relationship because this seems to be the trend. A good friend of mine, who I met through this site, is also having issues with her husband post-BMT. She's seriously considering being done with their marriage. >.< <br />
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Let's hope this isn't a trend. Stay strong, sweetheart. Maybe this is just a bump in the road and you will end up working things out. <3

im sorry to hear that.hopefully things will work out between you two.

oh wow.. i think i just left a comment on your other post .. but ... im sorry to hear .. you'll get by =) bc things happen for a reason. Good luck !