Almost At Week 2 .. Still Driving Me Crazy !!!

First of all , Im so so glad I found this site, because its really helping me out a lot =)
Never knew that other people (esp the girlfriends) where going through the same thing ..
My man left for his BMT July 27. and I know that its only been a week or so but , it just
feels like i havent seen him or heard from him in forever. I guess thats bc i know i wont be able to see him for another 6 weeks.
Things are hard for me here as much as I know it is for him over there. I never write anything negative in any of his letters bc. im afraid that would make him more stressed out.
I would love to hear from him ... but havent yet .. so I do feel more alone , and wish that I might hear from him.
They say that , it gets easier after a few weeks, but I feel like its getting harder and harder. ..
I never thought that I was able to do this, but now that I am things just seem forever.
Trying to keep myself busy .. but me missing him is overbearing that , and it sucks.
My friends dont understand what im going through bc they never have, so its killing me too that I cant vent out to them like I wish.
plus me and my best friend are not in good terms so , i feel like thats whats keeping it harder for me.
other than that, Im wondering when i will find out when his graduation will be, and if hes only allowed to make one phone call or can he make like 2 phone calls in the whole whatever given time frame.. or does that depend on his TI ? blah .. need help .. =(
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lol =) im so glad i have more of airmen gf's that left on july 27th!! yes it is hard ... today was a sunday so i was maybe hoping that he would call .. but idk ..its just blah now haha. <br />
but yeah i def. msg both of you guys =p you never know our airmans would be in the same squadron ? hheh.. <br />

Hey,<br />
My Fiance left also July 27th, and all i've had so far is a brief call to get his address, which was Very stressful because it was timed, and it took the whole time to get the address so we didn't get to talk about ANYTHING else. But he did get to txt me once after he got off the phone. <br />
I totally understand what you mean about how people say it should get easier after the first couple of weeks. But i feel like it's getting worse. At first i was upset and missed him but he also had just proposed before he left so i was excited about that... Now that its been awhile i'm REALLY starting to miss him. I feel like there isn't a second he's not on my mind. and i Miss Everything. I just wish i could hear from him or get to see him just for a moment. && everyday that passes it just gets worse and i keep getting more anxious... I'm really glad i found this support group too. because it's really good to be able to talk and read about other people going through the sam exact stuff.... Please contact me anytime you'd like to talk. this site has REALLY helped me. and i Love to talk to ppl on here!!!<br />
I hope you hear from your airman Very Soon!! =)

Hey, well, my boyfriend left June 22nd and he graduates August 20th. I absolutely cannot wait since I will be leaving in a week and a 1/2 to go down there. Im getting so excited. But trust me, it does get easier. When my boyfriend first left, it was soooo hard. I really would just cry all the time and I HATED it. I thought it was just going to get harder and harder. But it does get easier. Especially after the first month, time will start to go by alot faster. It's going by quick for me. I promise it will get easier even when you dont think it will. Just remember to never expect anything. I've heard of people getting 5 letters through the whole BMT process, and others who got alot. Me, on the other hand, I've gotten 20 letters so far, and 6 phone calls. 7, including the address phone call. He just got back from beast week yesterday and was able to call today and talk for 30 minutes. This was the longest he ever had. Other calls were anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. He said he sent me 2 more letters today too. But like I said, other girls have gotten like 2 or 3 calls through the whole thing or like 5 letters. I got extremely lucky. It all depends on the TI. But my boyfriend wrote alot at night with a flashlight when he was suppose to be sleeping. So just be patient and you will get letters and it will start to speed it. Good luck and anything you want to know, just ask!

thanks so so much ladies =) . as always it does help when i read all of the comments ! Im trying very hard to keep my head up high, and to be strong. and virna, you are right about getting used to it if plans ends up me being a military wife huh? .. lol but you guys are so sweet ;)) blah thnx muahz !~!

hang in there girl. that is EXACTLY how i felt at the beginning of it.<br />
i definitely know what you mean about it getting harder. I thought it would get easier after week 2, but i felt like it was getting harder. I'm in week 5 now, and its still hard, but i promise you it does get easier. easier as in the sense that you get used to life without him. i know that kinda sounds like a bad thing, but thats just the way its going to be. once you start getting the letters and calls from your man it'll be SOOOO much better :) i told alex that it felt like i was clinging onto a memory because he hadn't told me he loved me or anything like that in almost 2 weeks and it was upsetting me. the first 2 weeks were really hard for me, and i'm not gonna lie i still have my sad days where i just cry because i miss him... but just know that he is missing and thinking of you every moment he possibly can.<br />
and about the friend thing, i swear no one knows what we go through so they can't sympathize with us. they don't know what its like to lose your best friend from almost 9 weeks with little contact. but us girls on EP do :) we're here for you. we all know what the first few weeks are like so feel free to vent for whatever reason :) you can message me anytime too :)<br />
stay strong girl! it'll be over before you know it and you'll be in your airmans arms again soon :)

You can go to the BMT website to calculate his graduation date: - they have a nifty little calendar up there that should be helpful! :)<br />
<br />
Phone calls are left completely up to the MTI's (Military Training Instructors) and depend on a lot of factors. When he arrives at BMT, he should get a phone call to provide his address to his family, and then a post card should (or by this point should have been mailed out) to you containing his address. Any phone call after that will be rewarded based on how well they perform not only in their training but in their inspections. If anyone in the squadron or flight group messes up, they all get punished, and usually the first things to go are the phone calls. Every flight group's MTI's are different. My boyfriend (who just graduated July 23) got to make one phone call Week 1, one phone call Week 2 and then I didn't hear from him again until right before he left for BEAST on Week 7 and then again when he returned but only because he had gotten 100% on his written examination and was allowed a base pass and called from a cell phone. He also called me the Wednesday before graduation from a pay phone and we talked for about 45 minutes (but that was because he had gotten Thunderbolt which is a high physical fitness acheivement and again gotten a base pass). Other girls I had met through this site had guys who called them weekly and sometimes for even 30-40 minutes at a time! When Travis called it was for a maximum of 15 minutes and part of that time the MTI's were screaming at them anyhow.<br />
<br />
So, in conclusion, it's hard to know what his phone call schedule will be like. I just never left my phone anywhere where I couldn't hear it, even when I was lifeguarding! :D Just learn to keep it on you at all times and write a TON. Phone calls are not guaranteed but sending and recieving mail is! <3 Hope this helped and if you have any other questions, email me! I just went through this!

Hey there,<br />
My man left July 27 as well!!!! <br />
It does feel like forever ago, doesn't it? :( Youre doing right to not put anything negative in the letters, even though, at least for me, its hard not to tell him how much I cry sometimes....its hard to deal when the person you most want to comfort you is the reason youre sad.<br />
I'm sorry you haven't heard from him yet. I haven't heard from mine either (although he did get to call his mom, who told me he said to tell me he loves me very much).<br />
It does seem to be getting harder and harder...I know exactly how you feel. <br />
It's especially hard when your friends don't understand, but at least you've found this group! And maybe you should try to get back on good terms with your best friend? Hopefully she can distract you a little. I'm driving my bff crazy right now, because we're also roommates and she has to deal with me moping around the house haha.<br />
I'm not sure if it's guarenteed but I think theyre supposed to get one brief phone call within the first week they get there. Any other phone calls are up to the TI. Maybe you should try contacting his parents to see if they've heard from him? I know this sucks :( I wish I could bring both of our men (and everyone else's!) home..<br />
As far as graduation, all I know is its a Thursday through Sunday. I think it will be in late September/early October for our boys, but I'm not quite sure. Air Force Basic lasts 8.5 weeks. Monday August 2nd was the start of week 1 for our boys, so that would put it from September 30 to October 3?<br />
<br />
I'm really sorry you're having a hard time, just know that I, and many many many others, are feeling the exact same way. <3 <3 <3