Horrible Timing

Uhg, I am going through my week and I get so many mixed emotions. I know better than to believe them but they are soo bad!! How can I calm my emotions during this week? I don't want to scare my guy cause he doesn't know how this is for me...
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ugh ! monthly thingy are the worse ever at a time like this ! lol i usually get emotional rages up and down the week before i start mine.. and of course with my luck, that was the time when my man left for his BMT =( ... I was a wreck. No friend to talk to, no nothing .. but ever since i found this site , i feel like i can cope with it more and more =) <br />
Im sorry that you had go through that at a time like this girlie, bc thats just something you really dont need on your plate right now. That friend of yours has no right to come out like that bc if she cant be supportive on your business , then she shouldnt stick her insensitive comments into it. I would of told her to F' off bc im too busy running my life. lol sorry maybe too passionate right there.. but overall you will be fine.. your mixed emotions will run off pretty soon and you;ll be back to your normal self. plus I Completely understand what your going through w/ your man on not really showing interest to ur feelings about that situation that happened. To me, i think of it like this. It doesnt matter what it is, it could be anything, and if i feel offended or hurt in any way of whatever situation I need my man to be supportive bc thats just the way i feel at the time being. Theres been a couple of times when my man just didnt understand why it was so important to me whenever someone made a hurtful comment, but thats just bc. boys will be boys and girls will be girls. You know your man is 100% with ya, and he just doesnt want you to focus on the negatives but the positives. and maybe thats what hes trying to approach to you at. =) hope you feel better =p

I can't believe that girl said that! I know just how you feel. While she hasn't outright gotten upset with me, my very best friend is acting a little distant lately because she thinks I shouldn't miss my man because we haven't been together very long. But I know we have something that I haven't had with anyone else before and thats what matters. And you know that what you and your boyfriend have is special, and like you said, the girl doesn't even know you, so she can't even begin to know your relationship. I'm really sorry she said that to you, she may just be jealous of some part of your relationship. <3

Hey yeah, womanly cycle. But Gosh yall wont believe what happened today!!! A girl, I dont even know, who is dating my guys friend, who again, I dont even know, messaged me and WENT OFF on me because I said that I loved my guy and we havent been dating long. It hurt so badly because it was so personal...and again...horrrrrrible timing. I kept my mouth shut, but my guy didnt even get mad!!!

emotions of being alone and away from your man , or like what livelifenoregrets said your monthly thing ? either way i bet your just mixed up w/ all emotions. I think the only thing to do is go ahead and try to calm down your emotions a bit. If you think its easier to cry it out, then cry it all out and I promise you'll feel somewhat better. Im still waiting for my mans phone call and its killing me. esp having my best friend out of the picture, its super hard .. but the key thing is to just stay strong. lol i went furniture shopping and started putting up my new bed fr<x>ame and redecorate my room to keep myself busy =p. if anything helps just do what you gots to do. hanging out w/ friends going out for a chill drink is also good too for ya. <br />
and when your calmed out, try writing ur man a letter. poor all your love to him in the paper and i also promise again it will make it somewhat better step by step =)

If by your week you mean your womanly cycle I definitely know what you mean, I go through the same thing and my man NEVER gets it haha, he gets so confused and upset sometimes about it sometimes. all I can say is pamper yourself, hang out with girlfriends and do girly stuff, once its all over and you get a call or letter no matter how short you will feel soooo much better. :)