He Leave's August 10th 2010 For Bmt:(

I am looking for other girlfriend, fiance's, and or Wife that their significant other leave's for BMT on August 10th. I want to find  friend that can relate to the same stuff I am going through at the same time so we can help each other out and cry to each other when we need to. I have a feeling this is going to be really hard on me. If your significant other leaves on this date please write me back so we can get to know each other and maybe on Graduation we can make sighn for our Airmen! Well thank's to all hope to hear from you soon!
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I really hope you're able to meet girls with trainees in the same BMT class as yours.<br />
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My boyfriend graduated July 23 and I was fortunate enough to meet three awesome women who had their guys graduating the same day as mine. We spent our whole weekend together and we still keep in touch. In fact, I have plans to go see them in October! :D Good luck, hon!

My man left on May 11th and is now in tech school and its better but still hard...i need help coping so im reaching out to others on this page so if u want some advice just message me back...but most of all good luck, stay strong, and try not to cry when he calls!

well ... I cant say that i can relate to you on our airmen same leave date.. mine left at july 27th so im in the process of mine.. But other than that , plenty of girls here that are in this group are so helpful and supportive, even if their airman BMT date doesnt match with yours. It is scary and heartbreaking when you find out that your man is leaving so soon. For me and my boyfriend I had a hard time accepting the fact that I wont be able to see him, be with him and much more when hes gone. So i became sad, angry at times and couldnt understand why he had to do this. But then I soon to realize that going into the airforce was something that he had to do on his own for both of our sakes. haha .. im prob off the subject a little, but good thing is that , I did find a airmans girfriend where her man left the same date as mine did. So dont worry you'll find someone , and its good that you posted that up bc then you and your new friend can chat and talk to eachother at your hardest time =). good luck and you can always msg if you need to talk ! im only 2 weeks ahead which isnt much , but can give you some heads up too if you need it , just like the other girls can !