3 Weeks????

So I haven't posted on here much, and the last time I did was a while ago.  My name is Sarah, I'm 18, and I've been with my bf for a little over a year. He  joined the air force in the spring and has been waiting to find out his date to leave for BMT.  Two of his cousins signed up around the same time he did, and they found out their dates like a month ago. One of them is leaving in september and the other is leaving in november, so we figured it would be sometime in between there. He called his recruiter and his training manager and whoever like a billion times since they found out trying to figure out his date, and all the sudden yesterday they tell him he's leaving on august 31st!!! jeeez way to give us time to prepare! I was ready for him to leave sometime this fall but I just really wish they would have told us a month ago :( I feel like I'm out of time and I didn't even get to count down! Scary.
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haha yeah that's the same thing my sister said. you guys are probably right :( i just wish he didnt have to leave at all!

yeah.. my boyfriend only got a week in a half notice too.. but dont worry too much, bc as soon as he leaves for BMT you'll have different types of worries. <br />
At first before my BF left I was worried about all sorts of things from how long he will be gone to I didn't understand why he had to choose to do this. <br />
and then on the day he left for his BMT , I started to miss him and worry about when he would be able to call =) and like lilkels28 said, less time is better bc long goodbyes are just so sad =( <br />
good luck =p

oh no worries, my fiance found out the day after easter, and left 1 week later. i think the less time is better, because you have less time to dread it. if that makes sense. time flies bye, i promise!