ok so does anyone have any ideas how graduation works? my boyfriend is graduation in september and my grandpa is adament that he will not be permitted off the base and that I should just fly down and take a taxi everywhere, anyone have any advice or clue about how this should work, my grandma wants to come but he didnt write her name on the visiter request form so idk what i should do. any advice at ALL?
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You can write as much as you want and I HIGHLY encourage it. If youre talking about him, it all depends on his TI, they decide how much contact he gets

Thankyou for all the help with graduation ;) my grandpa soesnt seem to understand that it is not the days of Vietnam and not everything is the same as it was when he went it.

that sounds fantastic! Again, thank you very much! Can I ask you how often you were allowed to write?

You're welcome! Like I said, if you think of any more questions and you need to reach me, I'm on FB (Sarah Puffer) and on AIM (purtryah). I just got back from graduation not three weeks ago so this is all fresh in my mind. :)

@sarahmayy; wow, thank you! I joined looking for information on graduation (my boyfriend graduates from Lackland in September) and you answered ALL the questions brewing in my head. I know the answer wasn't directly to me, but I still wanted to thank you. =]]

When you write your boyfriend a letter, tell him that you plan on bringing grandma, and you can bring her to the visitor center when you arrive to get her base pass (the visitor center is off base and I had a friend of mine who actually had to do this the day before the Coin Ceremony and it went just fine).<br />
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Your boyfriend will not be permitted to go off base on Thursday following the Coin Ceremony. But, he does get base liberty, which lets you go everywhere on base except for restricted areas (which there aren't too many of those). On Thursday, Travis and I went to the movie theater because it was dark and we could hold hands and sneak kisses in there. We also went to get pizza for lunch and ran some of his errands like picking up things he had ordered for graduation. It was a short day because they were due back at the BMT Reception Center at 1630 to march back to their dorm. Friday and Saturday, if he isn't being punished for something, are his town pass days. Friday is a town pass day after the parade which lasts from about 1200-1800 and Saturday town pass starts at 0900 and lasts until 1800 (that is the day we went to the Riverwalk and did some fun stuff in San Antonio). Sunday town passes are only awarded to the trainees who graduate honor grad or earn top physical fitness (you find this out towards graduation time and your boyfriend will know if he falls into these categories). If not, he still gets a town pass that Sunday and you will do things on base again.<br />
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I would suggest renting a car because Lackland AFB is HUGE and getting around is going to be tough if you have to walk everywhere. Plus, if you want to go into downtown San Antonio to see the Alamo or go to the Riverwalk, you're talking spending a lot of money on a taxi which I just don't think makes a whole lot of sense.<br />
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Long story short: your boyfriend WILL get time off base unless he's being punished for something and you want to have means of transport, I promise you.<br />
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If you think of any other questions, just let me know! <3

About how to get there, I'm driving. I live in Chicago, IL so its about a 19 hour drive according to mapquest so im sure it wont take that long. But there is 3 of us going together so. My boyfriends parents gave us 1000 dollars to use for the trip because they arent able to make it so thankfully I dont have to worry about money lol

driving isnt really an option, I live in Northern Michigan soooo...yeeaahhh nothanks lol. no the biggest issue is money :/...

okay so he can leave base my mans graduation was like a month ago... thursday you cant leave base but after like 12 on friday he can go off base and saturday alll day he gets to leave and depending if he gets thunderbolt (high honors) he can leave on sunday as well if he doesnt get thunderbolt, which my man didnt you just spend the day on base with them. Taxi's are expensive we took one for about 10 miles while we were down there and it was $25 I recommend getting a rental, I wasn't old enough but his dad came along and got one but the one time we needed a taxi was when his dad went to visit relatives and we were on our own for the day so we went to the alamo then took a taxi to my hotel where his dad picked us up.

He can add his grandmother to his visitor list.

hmmm.. adivce on how to get there ? <br />
well, my boyfriends graduation is in Sept. too so I was gonna buy a plane ticket to san antonio.<br />
Im def. not driving there unless I have no other choice, since I live in GA drving there would be about 17 hours. and to me thats just crazy .. so I'll prob fly up there. I was thinking about getting the whole package deal w/ the roundtrip flight plus the hotel and car. but im gonna have to see if the prices went up or down. I think that calling a cab would take too much time since you have to call and wait, so renting a car would be my best. but Im not too sure about the list thing, I don't know if your boyfriend is allowed to add in more people to that list or not. so you might want to ask him when calls. but thats all i know for now .. sorry =( wish I could answer a lot more. for you

hello, I go to graduation a week from this wednesday. FINALLY! lol. From what I have gathered, this is how it works... Thursday is the coin ceremony and the run in the morning and then you are on base with him all day till about 8 I think when he has to be back at his dorm. Then Friday, same thing except you go to the graduation i think about 11 or summin im not too sure on the times. And then after that you stay on base with him again all day. Saturday, he is able to go off base. I think they can leave at like 7 or 8 am or something and he has to be back at 8pm. But you are able to go around San Antonio all day so he is able to leave base on Saturday. Then on Sunday, you gotta stay on base with him but he has to be back by 6pm. Hope that helps.