I Am Really Lonely.

So my husband left today and it has been alot harder than I thought I laid in bed all day and cried I was able to talk to him today cause he just went up on the shuttle and is staying int he hottel tonight but he has to get up at 4am and get ready to leave so he is going to call me in the morning befor he leave and I no it is going to be hard very hard I no this because toda was hard so I know talking to him for the last time like he is now is never going to happen agian cause I am sure after BMT he is going to be a lot differnt any way so I no no it is going to be the hardest thing I will ever have to do. Thank for all of you that read my silly post I just need a way to vent. Well thanks agian and I look forward to talking with all of you.
melissastetler melissastetler
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

letting go at that moment is the hardest . then the first week hes there at BMT you try so hard to cope with it all at once.. then on the 2nd week it can drive you crazy , bc your wondering when he would be able to call you. I know its tough, because im going through it too. <br />
The only thing you can do is keep your head up high and just let time take its course. because nothing more and nothing less your able to do about this situation. <br />
I miss my boyfriend lots. and it drive me crazy that im not able to call whenever i want to or see him whenever I want to. but then I made a choice of sticking with him w. good intentions. venting it all out also helps, bc over time, you will be getting used to the fact that he has his restrictions at times. <br />
we are here to support eachother as best as we can =)