Graduation Questions?

Alright so I have a few questions.

So Chris is graduating on August 27th(Oh my goodness, only 2 1/2 more weeks=)!!!!!!!) Well my questions are..

I've heard they have to fill out some form about who is going to be attending graduation. I don't know if this is true, but if it is I also have no idea if he included my name on it. I'll be meeting up with his parents late thursday night b/c I'm not able to miss school all day thursday and friday(at least im getting to go). Another thing is, I'm only 16 so would I even have to be put on some sort of "list".

Another thing, I'm getting really nervous/ anxious. I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED TO GO, but I'm also scared to see him in uniform and all tough and mean looking. I know he still loves me b/c he always calls me when he gets a chance and he doesn't sound any different, but idk just stupid little worries. I'm not scared of him being mean to me or the "uniform" makes him any different. idk i just want things perfect, almost like they were before he left..
that might have made a little sense..maybe not.

anyway, i would love to have an answer/ comment to both questions but definitely the first  one, b/c i dont wanna get there and then not be able to go on base and see him and stuff like that.
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thanks ya'll! I won't be there on that Thursday anyway, so maybe that will give him sometime to wind down with his dad just being around.. Also, Could anybody tell me about the weekend. Like when he can leave base, times of everything, ect..

I agree with Sarah. My Airman also seemed a little tense on the first day. My best advice to you is to just be patient, and don't get mad if he seems a little different. He is still the same person, but they have a lot of rules to follow and the rules HAVE to be taken seriously. Someone in my b/f's flight got recycled on graduation weekend for showing too much PDA. You will have a wonderful time though, just be patient with things. Have fun! :)

Minors (anyone 18 and under) do not need to be put on the visitor request form. This is taken right from the BMT site (<br />
<br />
"All visitors OVER THE AGE OF 18 .... are required to have a Visitor Access Pass in their possession prior to gaining access to Lackland Air Force Base."<br />
<br />
I will not lie to you, adjusting to the way they behave while in uniform is kind of tough, especially the first day or so. Because that Thursday they don't get town pass, only base liberty, they have to stay on base all day and the prospect of a MTI or one of their superiors seeing them is very, very good so they want to make sure they're on top of their game at all times like saluting when a superior walks by, always making sure their uniform is in tip top shape, making sure they're wearing their flight caps the right way, making sure that they're not engaging in excessive PDA and other things. They tend to be a little tense and a little quiet because they've been under rigorous inspection for the past eight and a half weeks. Once I got Travis off base, he loosened up a lot, but the first day was definitely strange. I guess everyone's man is different but I know a lot of girls complained about their guys being stiff and on edge that first day.<br />
<br />
If you think of any other questions, let me know. :)

Well i know for a fact since you are 16 you don't have to be put on the list. because my fiance younger brother didn't have to be since he was under the age of 18

im not sure about your situation since your 16 , so Idk how that all goes .. but .. <br />
before my boyfriend left, he made me and his family fill out a vistor information sheet, and I had to put my name , and my Lic. information .. and my phone number .. haha .. <br />
but things should work out , plus when you get a chance to talk to him you should ask him about that. <br />
or you can call the base too and ask there =) good luck

Ok since you are 16 you do not have to be on the list.<br />
<br />
On the second one. When i saw my fiance again nothing had changed except he had grown in to a man. but i felt like when we saw eachother again we fell in love all over again and more in love than we were, don't be scared just enjoy seeing your man!