So Here Is Our Story...

Josh and I met in high school. We hung out with the same group of people. we quickly become good friends. he started dating a girl we all hung out with.
I had some feelings for him but i shook them off because i didn't want to mess up my friendship with either of them. well josh and her broke up. and josh showed feelings towards me. we started talking. well he turned major *** hole. we stopped talking. 

and it slowly turned in to hate towards eachother. Our group slowly went it's diffrent ways. then about a year later i saw josh at a party over a few beers we talked for about 3 hours and found that we had both changed for the better. we slowly started hanging out and became best friends again. he was kinda dating someone at the time. and i had just got out of a BAD relationship so there was no feelings there i was still in my party single girl mode.

Well one day i'm sitting in class and i get a text i check it and it was from josh. no big deal because we always texted about plans for that night. well when
i opened the text it said i think i like you. and i was SHOCKED! i put the phone back in my purse because i didn't know what to say. then i finally texted back and said ok? and he asked me how i felt and i told him we would talk about it that night once we both got off work, well we talked and i explained
that i didn't want it to go the way it did last time cause i couldn't lose him as a friend again. well i decied to give it a shot and we did shortly after we started dating and it was going very well.and on my birthday he took me out for dinner and we road a boat down the downtown river and then went for a walk in the gardens (which i love doing,.) we got to this part with the most beautiful water fall and we sat down well i took my heels off cause they were killing me.

so josh wanted me to walk up this mulchy part right in front of the water fall and i kept refusing because it would hurt my feet. finally i caved and went up there. and he dropped down on one knee and purposed. i said yes!! well shortly after he made the choice to join the air force. and i supported him very much.

He left may 7th 2010 for basic i was at the air port with his family and him when he left and i looked like a freaking messing balling my eyes out.
it was so hard i wrote him almost every day,  then i finally got 2 letters from him i probably cried for 2 hours. the first phone call was amazing too.

he is now in tech school and we are getting married thursday (just at the court house the ceremony is gonna be later). I'm so in love with him and couldn't be happier. he is so amazing and i'm really glad i gave him a second chance
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If you have true love than nothing can break you apart. just remember it kills them being away from you just as much as it does you. and tech school is better you get to talk more just remeber to stay positive with him because tech school is hard for them and they are stressed