Just Want To Know What's Going On Over There :(

Hey, I'm new here, and I've just been browsing around reading other amazing stories to help me through my own. My man left July 20th for San Antonio for BMT. I've been writing him almost every day, and I miss him like crazy :( So far, he's been gone for three weeks and I've gotten one phone call and no letters back. So, really, all I know about what he is going through is he is in the toughest squadron, he works really hard on very little sleep, and he misses and loves me very much. Nautrally, I just want to know what's going to be going on over by him. Like, what is BEAST? And what should I expect for his graduation ceremony? I heard something about the "running of the Air Men?" What is that? Also, are we allowed to take pictures during the ceremony? I would love to hear your stories and experience. Please help?

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THANK YOU GIRLS! You're a HUGE help! After a whole day of my wandering mind, it's nice to come home and put my mind at ease with your comments =]]] I am SOOO super excited to see him graduate in a month! I'm going crazy :D I superly appreciate you guys answering my questions. :DD!

Hey! My Airman graduated at the end of July, and while he was gone I did a lot of researching about BMT! The other girls have got things covered pretty well, but here are a few websites that I found especially helpful.<br />
<br />
http://www.airforce.com/opportunities/enlisted/basic-training/ (This one is great because you can see week by week what they are doing!)<br />
<br />
http://www.basictraining.af.mil/ (This is another good one. If you click on the questions link at the top, it will take you to a page where you can look around and get a lot of details about graduation.)<br />
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If you have any more questions about graduation or anything, just let me know! I was there during the last week of July, and it was AWESOME! Definitely go if you are able!

hey girl :) my airman is in week 5 of BMT and graduates in 3 weeks! :) <br />
but from what i research on graduation and the stories i've heard, you can take pictures anytime and anyplace at graduations. the airman's run happens on thursday in the morning and its when they run with their flight in their flight shirts (different colors for different flights). and then after the airmans run is the coin ceremony where their TI gives them a coin symbolizing that they are airmen and no longer trainees. <br />
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i've heard graduation in an AMAZING experience :) thursday is the first day that you can see your airman. and after the coin ceremony you can spend the rest of the day with him on base. on friday after the graduation ceremony you can spend the day with him on base and they can leave base after 4? i think. on saturday, they can leave base at 9am and have to be back by 8pm, but i know that if you go to a sporting event that they can stay out even later. on sunday you can go to church with your airman and then spend the day with him on base. and depending on if your airman's flight gets thunderbolt (the top award during beast week), he might be able to get a town pass for sunday too. the only thing that sucks is that theres no PDA :-/ no hand holding, no kissing, nothing.. ughh lol. <br />
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hang in there girl! the first 2 weeks are over, and i thought that was the worst part... we're here for you :)

Thank you very much! You do help a lot. =] I'm glad you and your guy are doing well. I'm gonna keep writing him, it helps me feel close to him, too, and I know he likes hearing from me. Still, thank you. =]

Hey! My guy graduated from BMT in June. I wrote him everyday and didn't get one back until week 5 at the earliest...He said he would read mine during letter time and have no time to write. (Mine were long, lol). BEAST is a week long "deployment". It is a fake deployment into a place the Air Force sets up, and its teams trying to keep their area safe from other teams. They are up all day doing different things to prepare them and give them an idea of what a deployment would be like...but my guy said its unrealistic because they had to set their own base, and odds are theyd never have to do it. But it is just practice. My guy got really sick during BEAST, so I hope yours is being really careful. I didn't get to go to the graduation ceremony...so I can't help there. Hope I helped a little. Keep writing, my guy said its the only thing that got him through.<br />