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ok so I have been trying to find a good hotel for when I go down the see my man at basics, but I have no idea what is a good hotel really close to the base. anyone have addresses or phone numbers of decent hotels NEAR the base, idk if there is one on the base but if so that would work too, i just need to get a price estimate for all this so i dont fall short so anyone gotta clue?
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The hotel that is on base is not typically available to civilians. It usually gets booked up and is typically reserved for those who are members of the military having business at Lackland. My friend Tera stayed at the Carefree Inn which was nice for the price and was right outside one of the gates. I would recommend that. Also, La Quinta is not too far away and is priced decently as well. I hope this helps!

if i were you i would just go to priceline or .. thats where i always go to get the best rates. <br />
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Okay, there is one on base, but it may not be open for outsiders during this event. I know my guy said its reserved for Officers a lot of the time. There is a Holiday Inn like seriously right down the road and my mans family stayed there, said it was awesome. So look that up. I stayed on the riverwalk when I went down...but thats really far, so I'd say the Holiday Inn, or Travel lodge.<br />
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