I'm Lucky In A Sick Way?

Hey girlies.
Thought I'd tell yall about me and my boyfriend and how all this came about.
We met a year ago in October. He went to my college and we played video games together. I fell in love, he was so sweet...and amazing. But sadly, my exboyfriend filled my head with lies and I crawled away with my tail between my legs. We didn't talk until March of this year. I stilled loved him but he was with his girlfriend. I became a friend to him. Two days before he left for BMT we met and talked. About life. About the Air Force. About his girlfriend. I promised to write everyday and that I was behind him in everything. He thanked me and we left. The night he left for BMT I told him I loved him and I had since October. He said he liked me but he couldn't just drop things with his girlfriend because he was so caught off guard. I said I understood and I'd still write and be a friend. He left...and I started writing. I'd write letters, and send them to him, and then keep some that were all about my love for him. After the first month he was gone, I lost hope in us. I felt that if he wanted his girlfriend...then I wouldn't mess that up. So I dated another guy. This guy was a former Marine and drove me up the wall with his crazyness. I couldnt stand being around him. While I dated the Marine I still wrote my airman and since the Marines dad worked at the post office, he saw that I still wrote my airman. The Marine went off on me and I just took it and stopped writing my airman. Thats when I got my first letter. I was eating cereal before going out with the Marine. I remember watching the tears mix with the milk in my cereal. I felt my heart drop into my stomach and I called the Marine and gave some lame excuse and ran to write another letter, then drove 20 miles to a different post office. I told the airman about the Marine and how I still thought of him everyday when I went to sleep. He wrote me some more, never mentioning the Marine and we tried to just be casual. When he got out of basic he called me on Skype and we talked for a while, about everything. Thats when I found out him and his girlfriend broke up the third week he was in basic but she never said anything on Facebook and he never wrote it in a letter. I was sad that I never knew that because that would have changed a lot of things from the summer. That night..the Marine asked me to go see him at 3 in the morning. I said this is crazy, because I realized that even if my airman didn't want me, there are better people than the Marine. My airman gave me the strength to break up with the Marine, and so I did. After that my airman and I talked everyday and started to grow really close. June 18, my time, 17 his time. He asked me out and of course I said yes. The rest is history. (: Share your story!
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this is adorable. everything happens for a reason :)