Graduation Gifts?

Any one have any simple ideas of gifts to give to him for graduation? I was trying to think of little stuff but couldnt think of anything. I leave a week from today for graduation. Cant wait!
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My friend's brother was in the air force and she told me that they have officers and higher ranked people dress as civilians and go around to try and catch people drinking and stuff. So ya just be careful

Honestly, if they even suspect that he's been drinking, they're going to recycle him. It's not worth it, sweetie. Don't bring it and don't offer it to him.<br />
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We're just trying to help!

I second Jess 'cause bringing anything that's considered 'contraband' is going to get your man in trouble, so rethink the Jager!<br />
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Jewelry is hard 'cause they won't be able to wear it until the phase up, same with any article of clothing, so just try to think of things that you can give him that he can bring with him to tech and that he'll be able to eventually have. I didn't get Trav anything because I figured my presence at grad was enough and I wanted to get him something special to commemorate his graduation from BMT and from tech school.<br />
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Best of luck! <3

Thanks so much! Im tryin to just think of some little stuff to bring..Not much though since he has to take all his stuff on the bus and carry everything. Thanks alot both of you!

I honestly wouldn't bother with the alcohol because if he gets caught drinking until he gets to phase two of tech (could be longer) he can get in ALOT of trouble, if its at basic he will get sent back a couple weeks or to the beginning (even if he is above legal age) regaurdless if he already graduated. If he gets caught with it in a random room check during tech (which they do do) he can get more restrictions and can get in alot of trouble. My man is at tech now and at his bmt graduation they said no alcohol literally over and over. I'm not trying to preach I just don't want him to get in trouble and you have to spend anymore time away from him than what was originally planned! :)