A Very Hopeful Usaf Girlfriend

I really hope someone reads this story because I need to hear from people who are going through the same thing as I am....
My boyfriend Joel leaves September 28th for BMT at Lackland. He is doing Security Forces so his training will be there too.

Joel and I met at a bowling alley one night in the beginning of the summer, we had a lot of the same friends but we had never actually met before. We fell for each other right away even though I was kinda seeing someone else. He actually helped get me get out of the relationship, it was bad, and he showed me how a girl is really supposed to be treated. He is more than I could have ever ask for and I don't know what I am going to do when he is gone. We have only been together for a few months now but we spend all of our time together. We have a lot of things planned out for us and I am so excited to see where this relationship goes. I guess I just need advice on how to make this work. Personal experiences, etc would be very helpful!
-A very hopeful United States Air Force Girlfriend

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Ok, I'm sooo glad that someone else is going through what I am. Nathan left for BMT the 20th of September. We've been together for 3 years now. The separation so hard for me. I write him every day, kind of like a journal, and send them to him every few days, with pictures inside. The hardest part for me is not knowing how this is changing him. :/ There are only 14 days left until he graduates, and I can't go to his graduation. :(( I don't get to see him until Christmas, so I'm scared about what this whole thing will bring for our relationship.<br />
I love his letters more than anything, though. I re-read them a million times over. :)

Thank you so much! I am really nervous, like everytime I talk about him leaving, I start crying. Like right now :/ I just start tearing up. I dont know how I am going to do it. I am afraid he wont want me when he comes back.....

Hey , these 8 and a half weeks go by pretty fast until the end ! Haha at the end it was allll I thought about and they days jus dragged on , but it finally came and oh man <3 . I'd jus say keep yourself busy , it makes the days go by faster . Everyday apart is a day closer to being together ! Oh and write a lot of letters ! They get lonely . I wrote my boyfriend a letter every day after I got his address and he really liked that . Russell just graduated Basic on August 20th . Graduation is so much fun ! You get to see how much your Airman has changed and ah , it's the best feeling ever ! Russell starts tech school tomoro at Sheppard AFB in Texas and I'm pretty excited for him . I hope the best for you and your boyfriend and if you need anyone to talk to , message me . I was lossst when Russell first left . So I feel ya , but , I'm here for yaa :)

Thanks so much! What are the 2 phases and when do they happen? At bmt? Or technical training?

hey awww.. You guys are a cute couple I hope that everything works out for the both of you. My bf went to Lacland AFB for BMT. And now he is at Sheppard AFB. And I recently moved down here with my son to be with him. It's was hard when he was in BMT but I wrote him everyday they need that and they love it bc it keeps them going. It's a different world for them when they are in basic. He has a little bit more freedom now but they have 3 phases. And it's hard because they have to do everything right or will get phased back. If you ever want to talk I'm here. It's hard talking to people unless there in your situation.

Oh no thats so sad ): Good luck!

aw i wish i knew bout this site earlier! my boy friend brandon is too doing security forces and he graduated from tech school last friday the 13! he's home for two weeks till he goes and he's stationed in Germany =( and then its all up to faith and our love to stay in connect cuz i am going to college this year.

Thats great, your relationship sounds really strong and stable, good luck with it all! I hope mine can be the same

I haven't been on here in forever because having my boyfriend to talk with really helps :)<br />
<br />
BMT is really hard at times. My boyfriend left May 18th, and graduated on July 15th. If I hadn't had this website, it would have been so soo hard. I made a little calendar that allowed me to check off the days until I'd see him again.<br />
<br />
We'd been dating 7 months before he left, but we've known each other since 2002, so we have a very strong relationship. If you're confident in your relationship, things will still be great.<br />
I wrote Michael a letter every single night, and he still tells me how much he appreciates them.<br />
<br />
My biggest advice is to not expect a lot. I received 4 phone calls and 13 letters while he was gone. I appreciated every single moment of every phone call, and still reread the letters.<br />
He's in Tech school now, and things are amazing. He wasn't any different... except that it seemed he loved me even more. He does whatever he can to remind me how much he appreciates me, and we should be getting married after he gets done with Tech school in September. <br />
<br />
Keep your head up. This site is sooo helpful to have. Im not on here very much because I have Michael to talk to like normal. If you ever need anything though, I'm on Facebook, as most of us are... Taylor Renee Adams

That DOES help, a lot actually! Thanks to everyone who is making this journey a little easier!

My man left on July 20th, and so far it's been hard. Just keep writing him cute love notes and let him know you are thinking about him, love him and are still acting the same as you did when he was still here. He obv. hasn't graduated yet, so I'm still iffy on what happens then, but you can talk to other girls who've been through that!<br />
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Just keep in mind that you two love eachother and keep in mind that not many girls can do it, deal with being away from their boyfriend for so long with NO contact. Keep thinking "I have the best man in the world. Our love is special cuz WE can get through this. I am sooo proud of him for doing this for himself, me, and our country." That helps me a LOT. <br />
<br />
Hope this all helps you a little, babe. =] If you need to you can hit me up any time =]]

Omg thats awewsome! Well my guy starts on september 28th, let me know how he likes it! Or doesnt like it lol

Hey my guy graduates from tech school september 28 from lackland for security forces!! haha


I didn't buy Travis anything because I honestly wasn't sure what he would be able to take to tech school. I'm planning on getting him something extra special once he finished tech to kind of celebrate his being done with BMT and with tech and to celebrate his homecoming. :) But, then again, that's just me. I would get him some simple things to remind him of home and to remind him of you. They miss simple comforts at tech. And make lots of care packages after tech because they love that. :) Focus on planning for graduation and the time will fly!<br />
<br />
Yes, graduation weekend goes Thursday to Sunday. I will refer you to the page that helped me the most during my planning: http://www.basictraining,af.mil - it has a list of graduation events and FAQ in case you're really struggling with a question. :)

Aww I am so excited for graduation! I have no idea what to get him..I want to get him something, any suggestions? Lackland is only about 6 hours away from where I live so the drive wont be bad. So graduation starts thursday and ends sunday? Or what,,,and when do you have to leave them?

This site definitely helped me through the whole process from answering any questions I had to giving me support when I was down. I even made some amazing friends that I met at BMT and who I still keep in contact with even though our boyfriends are long out of BMT.<br />
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Travis wasn't really any different - just a little bit more uptight at graduation because of needing to be on top of his game as far as being under scrutiny all the time - but that faded over time and by the second day, things were back to normal. As long as your guy is confident in who he is right now, he shouldn't lose himself too much in the whole experience.<br />
<br />
The PDA rule DOES kind of suck because on the Thursday of the Coin Ceremony, you have to stay on base all day, and unless you're in the rental car, it's hard to hand-hold or steal kisses. We went and saw a movie on Thursday and it was easy to hold hands and steal kisses there because it was dark. And you can take him off base on Saturday and Sunday if he gets honor grad or top physical fitness, which makes the PDA rule easier. :) Honestly, you'll be so happy to see him that it won't matter. <3

Wow that is amazing, I am so happy for you! This site has really given me some hope. I love reading everyone's stories. I havent even begun to feel what a lot of these girls are feeling because he hasnt even left yet! We still have over a month together. I know I love him more than anything and he assures me everyday that this will work.<br />
I am so worried that bmt will wipe away all his emotions and feelings...did you notice that at all? was he different? And can you not hug them or hold their hand or kiss them when you see them at graduation?

My boyfriend, Travis, and I had been dating only three short months before he left for BMT. We talked about it and decided that what we felt for each other was nothing short of amazing and we wanted to stay together in spite of the distance. We wrote constantly and when he could make phone calls, he called me, and I flew 1900 miles on his graduation day to stand there proudly screaming my lungs out. It was the best feeling.<br />
<br />
He's at tech school right now in San Angelo, TX and we talk every single day, which is the best feeling in the world. If your love is strong and it's real, it can last even if BMT takes him away for eight and a half weeks. We just passed our five month anniversary and I couldn't be happier. I am certain that my love for him will defy distance and time.<br />
<br />
Keep the faith, sweetie! <3