Who Cares What People Think!

Me and my boyfriend have a big age difference. He is 22 and im 16. Both of our parents know, he has been a friend of our family since he was born. His dad and my mother were good friends in high school. When we first started dating he told me about his deployment and it scared me. Here i was hadnt been in a serious relationship ever before and in 6 months he would be leaving. I never once had doubts about being able to do it but i was scared if something qwould happen i didnt know how to handle it. As we went on i knew we would be together forever. Like they say you know when hes the right one and i did. Well when my friends found out he was alot older they went nuts tellin me i wouldnt do it, shouldnt, and it wasnt worth it. They dont understand what its like though. One told me she didnt understand why id do it because she couldnt see anybody with someone alone for that long. That made me kind of lose respect for her. well theyre all over that now and they love him. iam so looking foward to him coming back so we can start back where we left off and have a great life together. i love my airman and always will!
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Alot of people said things about my relationship because I am 3 years older than him. I know it doesn't seem like alot but everyone kept telling me how he wants to go out and party and have fun and everything still. We were together for a month and he asked me to marry him. Granted we aren't engaged anymore. He needed sometime alone because he is leaving for Cali in a month but we are back together and totally in love with eachother. Alot of people don't understand why girls want to wait around no matter how long it is for the person they love. If they have never been in a military relationship they don't understand. Stay strong you can do it!!!

Well me and my Airman are really far apart as well I am 20 I will be 21 on September 4th and he is 26 will be 27 on January 8th.When we first started dating a lot of people including friends and family were really un supportive of us, I just ignored them and figured when they see how we are together they will change there mind and they did. I have only been with him for 8 months now 3 months into our relationship he asked me to marry him and I said yes on June 9th we got married and so now we have been together a total of 8 months and some weeks we have been married for 2 months and we are the happiest we have evern been in our lives. When him and I meet we both just got out of really long and really bad relationships, so we were both kind of scetchy but like you said when you no it is the one you no, and neither one of us could deny that. I think you too willbe great together I ha ve always sid age is just a number I base your age on how you act if you act like your older and mature then you willbe known as that way and that is all that matter when people ask me my age I ask them why it matters you like me don't you adn were friends so why do you need to no my age. And they always say what a good point that is. Best of luck to you both I thinka relationship is what you make it. Good luck