I'm Still A Little Unsteady About The Air Force,

    My boyfriend and I have been dating a year a half now, we have been through a lot.  He really wants to join the Air Force and I complety support him.
but all of our relationship we have been together were rarely apart minus living an hour away that never held us back. Im scared because I get lonely and im battling to many problems that he always helps me with.

Some one give me good advice on how to support and make this whole thing easier.
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

omgness, Thats just like my life lol. Me and my boyfriend have been together about a year now, and plus we live and hour away. so because of that , we would go see eachother, mostly all the time. Before he left for his BMT i was mostly scared to be alone too. and I couldnt understand it in a good positive way at times, but I was helpless and only thought in my mind that he was leaving me. and then the hardest part came and it was letting go on his BMT leave date and saying goodbye. I was mixed up in so many emotions (plus i was about to get my monthly ) so that made it even worse. But overall, and over time, theres a reason why time heals things bc it moves it on for you. My first week when he was at BMT it was hard. I was very down and didnt want to do things at all. on his 2nd week, it drove me more crazy bc i didnt know when i would really hear from him, and even if i asked other people all of there response was diff. bc it all depended on their MTI's. but then after his first phonecall, I got to feeling better, and esp his frist letters to me. <br />
so things do lighten up for the both, and for the better =) its really hard when it is, and then it gets really easy when its suppose to be . good luck . and if you have any more questions you can also msg me too . we are here for ya =)

Oh gosh, really, I know how you feel! My airman and I have been together for 2 1/2 years before he left. Like you and your boy, we literally spent the whole relationship together! Talked to eachother until we fell asleep and call eachother when we wake up. On top of that, my family doesn't get along very well, so he was my support and my escape. It's really hard to be away for so long, and I get very lonely, too. <br />
<br />
What I do is when I feel sad or upset I look at pictures of us, read old text messages, and remember how much we love eachother. I keep in mind that I'm VERY proud of him for leaving everything and everyone he knows to start something new in his life, and on TOP of that, he (as well as every other man in the military) is serving himself, their woman, and their country. Remember how happy he made you and how much fun the two of you had the past 1 1/2 years you've been together. Nautrally, the happy stuff will make you cry, but it's better to cry cuz you love and miss him than to sit there worrying like crazy about the bad stuff! Keep positive and reassure him in your letters you love him, think about him all the time, you're okay, and that you're the same now as you were when he was here. =] <br />
<br />
Hope this helps you, girlie! =] and if you need anything you can always hit me up.

I am sitting on base at the coin ceremony right now :) I have about 2 more hours to wait! Anyways I have been with my Airman since I was 13 we have been inseparable for the past 5 years! BMT is not easy but the proud girlfriend feeling you get is worth it! I understand your man has always been there for you and you may be going through a lot. My gram passed away 6 days before Joe left. The best advice I can give you is remember your man is not going to be seeing any of his friends or family for at least 8 1/2 weeks. Write letters daily and try not to concern him with your problems even thought that can get hard he only has the letters you and his family sends him. At least you still have your family. Try your best to stay strong and support your man :)