I Want Advice Whether I Should Go To College By Him

I am 17 and just about to start my senior year. I really should look at colleges soon, and would really REALLY like to go continue my schooling by him in San Antonio. I even went as far as researching and found a college that is only 15 mins away from base! I am so excited by the thought, and my schooling would only be for two years. What I am worried about though, is him being stationed somewhere else between those two years I will be stuck in San Antonio for school. He is in the Security Forces, and I know his schooling or training is in San Antonio, too. Another worry of mine is what if he changes THAT much and we end up not working out? What if we do not work out? =[ I would really like anyone and everyones advice please!
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4 Responses Aug 14, 2010

my boyfriends security forces too, he graduated bmt oct 29th. and will only be in san antonio for about 4 months or so for tech school. after that who knows where he'll be!! don't pack up and go becasue he'll most likely only be in san antonio for 6 months! remember you have to do things for yourself too!

I totally agree with your story :( I told my boyfriend and he said I dont plan on being there forever, so he was basically telling me " don't do it, its to crazy." :(

thanks =] I guess i'm just so flustered and freaking out a little bit. =/

if he is going to be stationed there then i would consider going to school there if you guys are still together when you graduate.it wouldnt hurt to apply there.but if he is just going to tech school there then he wont be in san antonio for a long time.