Havent Been On Here In Forever.

for those of you who remember me, you'd remember how Arthur cheated on me and brought me through all kind of mess & heartbreak.
well now, i currently have his military people watching him because he was pretty much stalking me. so im done with his situation ! lol
April 30th, my bestfriend passed away in a car accident. & exactly a week ago, my grandfather passed away from small cell lung cancer.
so lifes been crazy lately ! but i thank GOD for the relationship i am in now. i finally found someone who is sincere and truely cares about
my feelings. i thought Arthur was "the one". but something fell apart so something better could fall into place. & girlllllssss, im HAPPY again.
JacyLynn JacyLynn
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2010

aww yay! i am really happy you found someone who makes you soo happy! :)