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I haven't really updated much about tech school, and I realized that it feels like the girls who have gotten through BMT kind of drop off of the site, and I don't want to be one of those!

Travis arrived at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX on July 26. He says he spent his first week going to a lot of briefings and doing processing. I'm not going to lie; the first week sucked. I thought I'd get to talk to him a lot more than I did and I was bummed out that I wasn't able to because I had missed texts and phone calls so much while he was at BMT. He was able to text me while he was on the bus going to tech, and when he had gotten to his room, but being that they were in Phase 1 and had to wear their uniforms at all times, they weren't able to carry their cell phones, so any time he had to be away from his room we weren't able to talk and that meant during the day there was less talk time than I had wanted because he was always running around getting things situated.

Once the first week was down, things settled into a nice routine. We talked during the weekends for long into the night (I actually overslept and was late for work one morning because we spent four hours on the phone, oops!) and we found time at night to text once he got out of class. He got put on the Shift A which means his classes go from 0730 to 1630, so we have time at night to talk. Once he bought a web cam, things got as close to perfect as they could get. We started Skyping pretty often (sometimes spending four hours on Skype, too!) and talking online if we weren't texting. It was the most amazing feeling in the world the first time we Skyped and I saw his face. I wanted to leap through the computer screen and hugtackle him!

He's put in his four volunteer hours and passed 2 open ranks inspections and one room inspection. One more room inspection to go and he's all set to phase up which means off base privileges and going anywhere in civilian clothes and carrying his phone. :) The best part? He bought plane tickets for me to visit him over Labor Day weekend (he's pretty confident he'll phase up by then) and I'm leaving to see him in less than 19 days. <3 I am so excited I can barely contain myself. This means I'll see him in September, October for Columbus Day weekend, December for Christmas and then he finally comes home in January! All we've got to do is make it through November without seeing each other. :P

So, all your girls struggling through BMT, hang in there! Tech school is so much more fun!
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Thanks for the heads up! My girlfriends in basic now, so we're a bit of a flipped scenario but similar nonetheless.

I had no idea there were sites like this! My boyfriend has been in BMT for 3 & 1/2 weeks now. We've always been long distance, so I thought it would be easy for me. But I miss him so much. I've heard awful awful things about Tech School fromm friends of mine who were there. Any reassurance ladies?

Travis has only been at tech for about a month and a half now so I'm not entirely sure what the rules on living off ba<x>se are, but I do know that he's allowed to request hotel waivers to go off ba<x>se whenever he wants, and as long as you live within the radius that they can travel (which I believe is around 4 hours away) then he should have no trouble visiting you.<br />
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What's his specialty? Travis is Operations Intel and he doesn't seem too stressed out by it. They do have briefings they need to prepare and tests quite often that they have to study for and when they need to do work in the school house they can't have their cell phones, but for the most part it isn't that bad. The first week is a lot of briefings and getting issued things and then the second week or so it tends to loosen up. I also don't know if he'll have phases at tech or if it will be different because he's prior service.<br />
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I think Travis said that he gets time off for Christmas exodus but they haven't said how much time.<br />
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I hope this helps! <3

I am an Air Force girlfriend as well. My boyfriend is prior service, he has been in for 6 years, and is transferring jobs. His tech school is in Goodfellow and were waiting on a date for his school. I want to know what to expect while he's in school. We've heard that he can live off ba<x>se and come visit me when he wants because he is prior service, I am lucky that I am only 3.5 hours away! I know that this school is supposed to be stressful and that he'll be quite busy. Any advice or something I should know? He'll be looking at starting tech school in November or December. Does this mean he can come home for Christmas and does anyone know how long he'll get off? Thanks for any help, its nice to know what to expect!

Twin!!!<br />
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Im sooo glad things are going well!!! :) Yeah Tech is DEFINITELY better than BMT... except the first week SUCKS! :) but what's a week compared to everything we've already waited for? :)

@rocco1212<br />
I noticed your question about your boyfriend being in tech scholl for only 2.5 months. My boyfriend left a little over a week ago for BMT, but I do know his job is gonna to be pretty tough. He is going to work as a crypto linguist. His tech school if I'm not mistaken is almost a year. So yeah, each tech school is very dependent on the job. I do know however that they get a couple of weeks after tech school to come home before being shipped to their permanent base.

*your, shessh, my spelling is bad tonight<br />
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BTW, update, Trav passed his final room inspection today so he's officially phased up@!

rocco: I'm not entirely sure what you're asking me, so let me see if I understand..<br />
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Yur boyfriend is going to graduate from tech in December near Christmas? Then be assigned to a permanent base? I would assume that he'd be allowed to have 2 weeks of leave for Christmas between his tech and his base assignment, and if not, that he'd be able to leave base for two weeks around the holiday since they accrue leave time while they're at tech school. I'd ask him to find out the details though because it may vary.<br />
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Travis' tech school is six months long and he's Operations Intelligence. He comes home for good in January because he's Air National Guard, not active duty, and he'll be based out of an ANG base close to our home. Tech schools vary depending on the job assignment.<br />
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I hope this helped!

YAY! thank you for the update! Tech sounds a million times better. :D

Me either, Jess! :D<br />
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I am so going in October, and definitely going to be using your couch! :) And if you ever get lonely and want to make a trip downstate, I'm loads of fun to hang out with! <3<br />
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nikkecola: Tech is WAYYYY better. Once you get through BMT, you've basically made it!

likelikelike :D I'm sooo excited for our trips to goodfellow! oh and don't forget you're welcome to use my couch if youre still planning on the trip in october from my airport!