Got A Letter <3

So after a super long stressful day i noticed my mailbox was kinda open but it was empty, i just figured my roommate checked the mail and didnt close it all the way. she usually leaves my mail in the box. i walked in my room to put my shoes away when i saw 2 envelopes on my was a bill but the other was a letter from the love of my life!! i was so excited i ripped it open & read it about 100 times. when i stopped jumping for joy and feelling so excited and wrote him back!! i'm still antsy and excited from getting it and will probably read it another 10 times before i go to bed! he is so sweet and i love him so much... this week was absolutely terrible and stressful but getting his letter flipped it all around. i love him, he can always turn a horrible day into one of the best days. it'd be a ton better if i could see him or talk to him but a letter is good enough <3 & the messiest thing i've ever seen! but i give him credit for writing in the dark!! hope your all doing well & keeping your heads up... 41 days til i see my best friend<3
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6 Responses Sep 16, 2010

awww thats so precious :) my boyfriend wrote me in the dark too lol. he was like im writing this in the dark by the light of my watch that only stays on for like two seconds haha bless their hearts i was sooooo excited :) letters are the best

aren't letter days the best :) <br />
for them getting letters is like christmas... My Airman always thanks me for letters and begs for pictures of anything and everything having to do with home :)<br />
o congratulations on the engagement :) i'm so jealous lol

my boyfriend leaves for basic in 3 days :( i'm so sad.. hah but that's awesome that you got a letter, i'm sure talking to you makes his day

Lol I didn't get any letters from the dark but i got plenty so life is good lol. Thank you :) I'm sure you're will. I didn't expect mine to come this soon, but oh I'm all bouncing off the walls!

haha yea its so funny, it starts out straight but as the letter goes on it starts sloping down!! hes awesome <3 you're special too! congrats on the engagement... im hoping mines coming soon!!

Love letter moments! They make my day when I see ladies get letters from their men :) He wrote to you in the dark? You're special :)