Any Women Dealing With Men In Rotc?

Hey Ladies,

Anyone dating/married into men in the ROTC. Yes- i love hearing/helping people out who are enlisted. However, I would like to meet someone with this experience. i am nervous about going from ROTC college land into real military land. I have only delt with one month apart :(
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hey! I've been reading your comments looks like we have lots in common. I'm an AFROTC girlfriend too and i'm going into education also (elementary though). My boyfriend and I graduate at the end of next year and then i'll go into student teaching but he'll already be graduated (you guys have it planned MUCH better! haha) Did your boyfriend go to FT last summer or the summer before?? Mine went this past summer and it was SOOOO hard!! that's why i joined EP!

Haha I understood the comment no worries. <br />
In the mean time- if you don't find a professor style your thing I guess- just so your informed- there is a test you can take to be a teacher ( secondary at least) that allows you to teach at all ba<x>ses. It makes it so you don't have to take each states test when you move. I am planning on teaching high school science- I graduate this may. Then student teach for a very long year of not getting paid :(<br />
I am not really into the whole dressing up thing either...I mean i get excited when we have to look nice for once every year but its not how the other girls like to dress up. I always keep it simple- plain solid color dress-not skin tight haha. Then I just put a few curls in my hair so it looks nice and then go. I am not into the prom style...I don't like fake jewels and what not :( <br />
I hope you get to see him soon in person!!

Errr wait. That last sentence was off. He doesn't want me to give up my dream, so why should I expect the same? Ahhh. That sounds better.

I'm sorry I missed your IM! I was writing a paper for class and next thing I know, there was a message. :( Ya we do get a lot of time to talk since he tracked. He had a long weekend this past weekend and was going to visit me at Purdue, but the plane tickets were a tad too much. He ended up going to Dallas instead to go to the Cowboys game. <br />
When I read all of the experiences here I realize i'm really lucky with the amount of time I have to spend with him. I still miss him, but the distance is tolerable enough. I'm actually a big tomboy and don't know what to do once UPT graduation arrives. I've been told its a mini prom which is somewhat scary for me considering I went to Prom 8 years ago during my sophmore year in high school. I'm not very good at this dress up thing. I have until March to get ready for his drop, but I'm still worried about it now.<br />
As for school, I'll be graduating with a bachlors in English and Medieval studies in August, then I'm going to wait and see where he's going. Once I figure that out, I will apply to graduate schools near him. Its my personal dream to become a Professor. He's so worried that I'll have to give that up if I move closer to him. I usually have to reassure him I still intend to pursue my goal. I appreciate his concern. I wouldn't want him to give up his dream for mine, so why should I expect the same?

Lts can live on ba<x>se though- I think that's where I am headed. I am looking forward to starting a family and what not- its really who i am. It has nothing to do with military- which i hate when people say it does. I really feel no pressure at all. I figure we will live on ba<x>se and then I would like to find somewhere to teach off ba<x>se. It would be nice to just trust a little more the city my kids are in I believe<br />
You guys get a lot of time to chat! That is soooo nice! You guys sound like you have a good plan going on. what are oyu graduating with??<br />
I bet he will have a great drop date! Goodluck!!!

Oh! Another thing, Lts live off ba<x>se so if you're just dating, you can move in. That was a big thing for us. Neither of us wanted to even consider marriage until we both had lived together.

Honestly, I never have timed conversations with him or anything like that. He calls me everyday and usually when he's not studying we play Modern Warfare 2 until 2 am on weekends. We usually have 3-5 hour skype calls and if he's not around I leave him texts messages throughout the day to make him feel better about being away. We have vaguely talked about moving in, but we both agree it would be impractical since he'll only be in Del Rio for another 6 months and I'll be graduating in August. I'm waiting for his drop night. I'm more nervous about when I visit. Most of the other Lts are marrying and having kids, but we are definitely not ready for that yet. We both want to pursue our individual dreams before we make any huge sacrifices. I'm planning on getting my Masters then PhD in Middle English Literature so I can become a professor and he wants to fly C-130's and do humanitarian missions so he can travel.

Ugh that stinks not knowing where he will be! It would be so hard for me...I lucky enough finish student teaching right when he finishes the ROTC program. So wherever he goes I will just look for teaching in that area. Thats kind of cool though that he is doing UPT- my fiance is not. Just sticking to Eng. which is nice. I am hoping for less time apart but we will see. Does it seem any different than what you have heard about being apart of the enlisted world?? The guys here make it seem like I will have all these responsibilities (which I am fine with) and that its different- but really how would they know.

My boyfriend was in ROTC and he's at Laughlin right now for UPT. Its hard being 1000's of miles apart, but skype is AMAZING. I also have another suggestion. The XBOX 360 allows you to stream Netflix and watch movies together, granted it is a bit expensive for that sole purpose, but every little bit counts. My boyfriend just tracked so we have another 6 months until he graduates UPT. He's hoping for C-130's and I'm hoping he gets it. I'm trying to head into graduate school, so its a bit hectic not knowing where he's going to be when I graduate with my bachlor's.