Really Missing Him. (basic Training) How Long Is 1st Call?

My boyfirend left to Lackland for BMT.He started Septrember 8. Ever scince he left its been HELL. I miss him so much. Ive cried many nights. Wishing he was just by my side. but i kjnow hes doing this for the better. We've practically been together for more than a year. Ive recieved a couple of letters. And i missed his firts call. I was wondering how long is thier calling time? Let me know please.
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I'm sure since you've written this you've gotten your first call, but in MY experience, I didn't get my first phone call from BMT until about 3 weeks in. No letter for about a month. It was an awful wait, but I was thankful I got SOMETHING to get me by, and it was nice to know he was concentrating on his work and training, NOT letting me distract him. It's best to just kinda live day to day. It might sound terrible, but try not to get your hopes up x] it kinda helps<3<br />
hope I helped!

my boyfriend also left the 19th. his address call was 8.5 min long but i didnt get a call this week. heres hoping i get one next week!

aww..good lukk.the 1st couple of weeks are hard but just know that you'll always be on his mind..and most likely you'll get a call..well it depends how his flight is doingg.

My boyfriend left last night and I'm already missing him. <br />
I got his address this morning though.<br />
I wrote 3 letters already, so I hope he's able to read them right away.<br />
<br />
Do you think I'll get a phone call this weekend?

aww thanks girls. hopefully his flght starts to do good. because i really miss him and i wanna tlk to him for atleat a min.. Thank you all for the support. reading these comments put a big smile on my face. it feels good to know you have people who want to help. and yea..thhank God im almost done with this hell. i reallly want to go to his graduation <3

they range..i had calls that were only 5 minutes and i had others that were 20-25 minutes (i got a total of 8 phone calls when my bf was in bmt) It all depends on their TI and if his flight is doing good. Your more than 1/2 way done!!! Be proud of urself its almost over!

my first phone call with my man was 5 minutes long. it all depends on the behavior of the flight and how long his TI feels is enough, there's no set time. <br />
don't worry, i know it doesn't feel like it but it really does get easier. the first few weeks are the hardest but you get stronger as time goes on and after you hit the halfway point the weeks start to fly by and before you know it you'll be like me, flying out to texas the day after tomorrow and spazzing because you can't find your cute skinny jeans that you just bought haha!<br />
stay strong, stay busy, and stay positive. everyone in this group is here for you if you need anyone to talk to :)

I just got my first phone call yesterday. It was twenty minutes long! lucky me! but it all depends on their TI. Some girls only get 45 seconds. If your boyfriend's flight does well then they get more time to write and talk on the phone. I never received a letter yet or his address but his phone call made everything better. It sure it hard the first weeks but it gets better. just make sure to have your phone on you ALL the time. Hearing his voice for only a minute will be the best phone call everrr.