Goodbye Again..

I am now getting ready to leave San Antonio. I had to say goodbye to my amazing Airman yesterday. It was harder to day goodbye than I expected but I know this time it will be a lot easier. He will be able to call me every day and we will be able to Skype. I miss him so much though. I am looking at the bright side of things though because I know if I dont then I will not be able to get through this. The hardest thing about BMT from my side of it was when I had a bad day I couldnt talk to him about it. But now I can and that is going to make it so much easier. He is going to Goodfellow AFB....Is anyones man there? And I will get to visit him there soon so it wont be bad. ANNNNDDD he is coming home for Christmas! So at the most is will be 67 days until I see him :] I have already started my countdown.
About this weekend. It was AMAZING!!! If you dont think you are going to go I strongly suggest it!!!! It was so good to see him and I would have regreted it so much if I hadent been here. Also he said it meant so much to him! I live in Nashville, Tennessee but we are from Ohio so his family came from Ohio. I came all the way here by myself and I have never even flown before. It was so worth it though. I would have done it if I could only have seen him for an hour and I truly mean that. I love him so much and I cant wait to be his wife. It was the best four days of my life :]
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My boyfriend is also at Goodfellow. He'll be there for three more months. :) His job is Operations Intelligence and he's on the precision drill team there. I'll be visiting again in a month, so if you have any questions, let me know!

Thanks! I am so glad that I get to talk to him now but I still miss him so much. Im glad it will go faster than BMT because that sucked!! And he is a firefighter too!! I am so excited for him. He just kept saying how ready he was to do something that will actually make a difference!!

My man is at goodfellow, hes a firefighter. i've been there its a really small ba<x>se with nothing around it. Tech school is so much easier! I could not believe how much happier it made me. I'm glad you had a great weekend! i remember going down for his BMT grad like it was yesterday! Tech school goes by so fast don't worry :)

i just got back too, it really was the best weekend ever :)<br />
saying goodbye was really really hard, we both cried buckets again but it was definitely easier since he started texting me right away and we oovoo-ed when he got settled into sheppard last night. i cried again when we got off the phone after saying goodnight because it's still ingrained in my head that when we say goodbye i won't hear his voice again for a week. but tech is already SO MUCH BETTER than BMT. <br />
i'm so glad you had a great time at grad!! so so happy for you :D

im glad you enjoyed graduation:) its probably the best thing ever. my fiance is in his last block at goodfellow for op intel and should be home next month.. whats your boyfriends job? ive been to goodfellow twice so if you have any questions feel free to ask me:)