1 More Week!!! :) ;) :)

Hi everyone!  I posted awhile ago that Alex asked me to marry him and he is returning from tech school in 1 week November 11th!  He said that he's going to get down on 1 knee and ask me properly lol.  Then we will be off to spread the news to the family :)  Somehow I still find the time to be bouncing of the walls in between writing papers, presentations, studying and taking exams this semester... I'm  not sure how I do it, but I'm fairly certain love some something to do with my superwoman abilities!  

Is anyone else getting engaged/married soon?  
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I'm having a big wedding :) we are actually already married but some family members dont know that! i went down one weekend to visit him and we went and got married...our parents and close family knew when we did it. im 18 and he is 20, we have been together 5 years and i knew there was no way i could wait any longer to be with him. so dec 6th we are moving to our first ba<x>se. once we get there and get settled im going to worry about school and work. its going to be hard at first but we have each other :) good luck to you!

Awww congrats! my airman proposed to me a couple of days before he left to bmt! he didn't get on one knee, but he said he will make it up to me after basic.. It is one week frm today that he asked me. So lucky that yours is coming back. Mine only been gone for almost a week and 'm a total wreck without him.

Wow you're lucky. My man and I are waiting until June 2012 so that he's done with his first deployment and I'll be finished with college. Are you doing a big or a small wedding? I kind of want to do a small outdoor just his family and mine w/ grandparents by the lake or river, but I also just want to save money and do the courthouse thing, but then I feel like it's not special so I think you helped me indirectly make a wedding decision thank you lol.<br />
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I hope to hear about your wedding on here :)

Congrats :) i'll be marrying my airman november 27th. we got engaged august 12th at his bmt graduation.