My Airman Got His Orders Today!!!!

Lately I've been extremely worried about where Levi's first duty station will be. On his dreamsheet he puts places close to NC, which is where I live & where Levi used to live, & for overseas he put places both of us would like to go. But this afternoon he called me & told me he figured out where he's being stationed when he graduates tech school. It was unexpected for him to know now, because we thought he wouldn't be told till closer to his grad date. So after all these sleepless nights worrying about this, Levi is being sent to Kadena AFB in Okinawa, Japan!!!! I have two different emotions on this. My first is extreme excitement!! I absolutly love asian culture & their people, & I've always wanted to go to Japan, & so has Levi. My second emotions is sadness..He will be overseas, which is sooo far away from where I live now. I can't imagine him being that far away. We've been long distance for almost a year now, but him being in a different country is a whole different ball park. A few days ago I told Levi about how I worried I've been regarding to his 1st duty station, & he told me not to worry, that if he got sent far away then he'd marry me so I could go with me.

Today when he told me he was going to Japan, I started to cry. & he told me again that I shouldn't be sad, because he'll marry me so I can go with him & that he doesn't want to go without me. Even though he says he wants to marry me & everything, I still can't 100% believe him. I don't think I will until he offically proposes to me. It would honestly be too good to be true. Marrying the love of my life, & moving with him to Japan has been my dream since I was a little girl. The fact that it might actually come true just blows my mind! haha. Levi comes to see me for christmas time, dunno if he's actually 100% serious about marrying me, but if he used that time to propose I would offically be the happiest girl in the entire world.

If any of you ladies have any info on Okinawa or Kadena AFB I'd love to hear it!! Thanks girls! :)
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yeah, i've been doing some research & it's beautiful there!! i'm hoping for the beautiful home, but i'd love lots of visits also! haha :)

I don't know anything about Okinawa first hand, but I do know that my boyfriend's recruiter was there when he first got out of basic, and he said it was amazing! He never wanted to leave. He said it was like his own tropical island. So I guess you can look forward to many beautiful visits, or a beautiful home!