Missing Him....

This has been so hard. My guy got to USAF BMT in Lakland on the 23rd of November. It's been just a day short of a week since I've seen him, and I know that doesn't seem like much, but it's so hard :(. All I do is write to him, and cry. I try staying busy but he's always on my mind. I've been doing some research and through it all, I keep seeing that the first REQUIRED phone call is supposed to have been made within the first 72 hours......nothing :(. I'm wondering if his mom hasn't told me that he called. It's not about who he calls, I just want to know everything is okay. It's been about 5 days and as far as I know, there hasn't been a call made. Just doesn't seem right. Also considering that a few other girls have received their phone calls within that 72 hour mark, when their guys got to BMT the same day. I just miss him so much, and figured you all seemed like AMAZING support, seeing as how you go through the same stuff day to day. Just wanted to get some things off of my chest, and seeing as how I was new to the site (started today) I figured I would post something. Thanks guys<3

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haha we've all been there girl (: And we've all gotten through it. The first few weeks are hell but I assure you the two months go by FAST and it'll only make your relationship stronger. Keep writing to him every single day it's what keeps them going. He's missing you and thinking about you every minute. I didn't get my first phone call until the THIRD week and I didn't get my first letter til after that phone call. It sucked. Just hang in there! It goes by quick and before you know it you'll be flying to go see him graduate! (:

**Unending Love - Aww that would be neat if our guys were together!!! Just thought maybe something had gone wrong with his mom. Have you heard from him now?<br />
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**Finster Babe - Thanks, I appreciate your input!<br />
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**Tgutierrez1992 - Aww I bet you can't wait :). BEAST is almost the end! And that's his time to shine :)! I hope everything goes amazing for him! And you can bet your butt I'm gonna be there! There isn't any way I would miss that! I can't wait to see him graduate, and I can't wait to seem him again! I wanted to make a little countdown just to do that exactly, help me realize I have one less day. Thanks times a million! And congrats on his graduation coming up!<br />
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**Fionaaa - I wish I would have gotten a phone call or his mom! We are going to call the number and get his address.. That's my biggest thing, I just want his address so I can send him my letters I have for him. It should pass, but it most likely will still come in waves! Just have to stay strong for them!!!!

My bf also left on the 23rd to Lackland BMT and I got a call Thursday from him. It was a 5 minute call where he gave me his address. Maybe he called his mom. And my bf said they probably won't get to write or call for two weeks, might be the same for your bf :( and i feel exactly the same as you. writing him and crying and always thinking about him even when trying to keep busy :( I'm sure we'll get used to it soon though and this won't seem as depressing anymore (:

Mine left in October so I am almost 6 weeks in, he has the BEAST this next week! We just gotta hold out for that graduation!! I hear it is such a big step for them! Hopefully you will be able to be there for it! Hang in there girl! The first half is the hardest, but counting down days really helps, especially when you can focus on how you have one less day to wait, instead of how many you have left. You got this girl!

I have done so much research about all of this. And I learned the no news is good news. The problem is his mom and that situation. I'm not worrying about not hearing from him, I'm worrying about the fact that his mom probably hasn't told me. Thanks so much :). It means a lot to have your support!

try not to worry too much. i know that's easier said that done, but the less you worry the faster time will go by. sometimes no news is good news. i learned that when my airman was in bmt. i didn't get my first phone call till about the 2nd week. he had a few idiots in his flight that got their phone privliages taken away at first. i'm sure he's fine, & he'll call as soon as he can. just keep your head up & think positive :)

I heard from him when he was on the bus on his way to the ba<x>se that evening, it's since then that I hadn't heard. I'm hoping it's tomorrow because that was another possibility of when they could call, being at the end of the week. I always do keep my phone on me, and of course I always think "What if my phone didn't show me the missed call" Blah, blah lol! But thank you for responding :). It means a lot to me. I'm new to the site as I said and wasn't sure of what to expect from people.<br />
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Also, I do keep in touch with the future-in-laws of mine all the time. I mean we talk everyday, his mom and I do anyways. I'm just afraid that she isn't telling me that he called. Because she seems to come off as being selfish toward him a little bit. Not to be rude though.<br />
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My man got to BMT on November 9th. So just three weeks ago I was in your shoes. Except I did hear from my guy right after he got there. I know your guy hasn't called, but stay strong. Some girls didn't get a first call until the end of the first week of training. He will call... Just keep your phone with you at all times. This also might be a good time to get to know his mom better. I'm in contact with my future in-laws and we trade stories whenever Peter calls either one of us.