My Af Bf Just Got Sent To South Korea :(

I could really use people to talk to right now. Long story short: My boyfriend of five years, who joined the air force last year, just graduated from tech school. I haven't seen him in nine months because he left for BMT last winter without a car, and I have been very busy with school so I couldn't travel five states away to tech school to visit him either. I was so excited the last few weeks because he finally got his first duty assignment close to me at Seymour Johnson in North Carolina, and he was supposed to finally get his leave last week for Thanksgiving after he settled in his new base. Everything was great until North Korea bombed South Korea last Tuesday. With absolutely no warning, the guy I love is now being shipped to South Korea for God knows how long, right when things were finally supposed to be good for us again. I can't go with him because I am in school and we are not married. I have been so strong through the last year, supporting him through bmt and a 6 month tech school, and now this happens. I am tired of all this disappointment :( I do not want to lose him now. And I am terrified about him going overseas for a long amount of time, right in the middle of danger. 

None of my friends understand what I am going through because they all have boyfriends that go to our college, so they have never eperienced a long distance relationship, let alone like this. Any advice or support would be awesome. I just don't know how to handle this :( He is scared to death so I', afraid he is going to push me away and leave without saying goodbye too. 

Thanks for listening, I hope someone has gone through something like this and can help me out!
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My boyfriend is Security Forces too...he just got deployed last Monday to Saudi Arabia for 6 it's not quite the same situation as you girls but I learning how to cope without being able to have constant contact with him, its not easy. He actually called me on Monday :) I wasn't expecting it and I have never been so happy after a phone call...I can't wait for the next one and I have no idea when it will come. All I know is that our situations are hard and not everyone can handle it, you have to be really committed and want him more than anything and in the end if it was meant to be it will happen. You will live for each and every time you hear from him and the best thing you can do is be their rock, their support, because they might not always show it but we mean the world to them and they rely on us more than you will ever know.

my bf is fixing to get sent to korea in august for a year. i dnt know exactly know how to react right now im scared and sad right now and dnt know how to rlly handle this.. but i pray hell be back in my arms soon once after he leaves

he's security forces... i wouldnt worry kaduhon, you've got a little while til hes done basic then he has tech. hopefully things are calmed down my then!!! im hoping things are calm by feb so i can stop worrying!!

Omg im so sorry. I wish there was something I could say to make it better, but honestly there isnt :( What is ur boyfriends job? and lovemyairman2 whats ur bf's job? Good luck to all you girls. It really sucks.

what are yalls bf's jobs in the air force m bf just joined this past week, he left the 22 for bmt and i am freakin out about all this stuff going on i dont want to have to see him go over there! i will be praying for the both of you! if they go over there will yall be able to go with him?

oh really? well looks like you are experiencing the same thing then. you are lucky you get to go soon though!! I don't know ANY more details yet, I just found out last night and do not know when he is going and for how long. All I know is I am probably not going to see him before he leaves. That's the worst part :(

My boyfriend graduates tech in feb and will be in kunsan south korea for a year :-( im not there yet but i will be. when does he leave?? did they tell him anything about it?