Me and my boyfriend were dating for exactly a year and one week when he left. Before he even left i was already excited to see him at his graduation and i wanted to just get it done and over with. But it's only been a little over a week and it feels like its already been years. I am very proud of him for doing this but i havent gotten a letter or a call yet and i find myself running to the mail box everyday as soon as i hear the mail man step onto my porch. When do they send letters?!?!? And also i am worried that when i see him after 2 months it will be awkward between us. Which would devistate me because we have never had an awkward moment together. Can anyone tell me if its awkward? its scaring me lol thanks.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2010

don't think about it being awkward when you see him. if you're confident in your relationship with him you have nothing to worry about. just think of running to him on graduation day. think of how much you're both going to have to talk about. everything he could'nt write in letters or call to tell you. and everything you've been going through at home. trust me you will be fine and your relationship will be fine. just remain strong and positive :) if you need anything, or even to vent- send me a msg <3

well, i didnt get a call from my boyfriend for 2 weeks and it took a week and i half for me to get his address :(. but since he left on nov. 23 i have gotten 2 phone calls, 2 letters and a christmas present. it has definitely been hard! i havent been staying at my apartment since he left ive been with my parents, and stupid me pre printed envelopes with my apartment address on them :( so i go to my apartment everyday to check my mail just in case i have something! yesterday was the first day i had letters in there! and it was the most AMAZING feeling! i love and miss him so much. but it has deifnitely gotten a little better! just keep your head up and dont expect anything. cause in the situation us ladies are in things come when you are least expecting it! good luck girlie! and if you need anything just message me, im a great listener!