Week 0 Of Bmt

So I happened upon this site searching for information on what exactly my boyfriend is going thru.He left Tuesday and I am a complete mess! The hardest part is not being able to communicate with him at all. The last time he called was after midnight the first night and I was half asleep, picked up the phone and didn't say a word until it hung up and I woke up realizing what had just happened. I feel awful because I didn't hear a word he said. He had called his mother when he arrived but all he said was I am here and can't talk. I am sure alot of you are in the same boat, but for any of yall that have made it farther along in BMT how often did you get to talk to your boys? And how random were the times that they called? And what advice do you have to help this process? Ive got 56 days to go crazy!
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Don't feel bad Jet, my husband left the same day and called at the same time that your BF did, and he was halfway through the address before I realized that was what he was giving me. Lol. I had to ask him to say it again, and he muttered through his teeth, "I can't." So I called the BMT Office at Lackland and they gave it to me. He's in 323 TRS/ FLT 207? Anyone have a BF/ husband in the same flight? :)

My husband just left on Monday night (Jan 10th)....I got a phone call with his address on Tuesday night, but haven't heard anything since. The first few days apart were super hard, I couldn't stop crying, couldn't sleep and felt so lost, plus I'm five months pregnant and emotions are much stronger than usual.<br />
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I actually used to be in the Air Force and know first hand what Basic Training is like. It's so important that you write letters and tell your guys about your day and funny stories. While at Basic, it becomes difficult to imagine life outside of it, so getting letters about what's going on at home is the best! And you can send pictures...I plan to send a picture of my growing belly each week :) Like all of you have said, phone calls are totally dependent on the TI, and if anyone messes up, that will be the first privilege to be pulled. On top of writing letters daily, I'm keeping a journal that I will give to him at graduation. I write in throughout the day, or just at night time and I've been putting pictures in it along with little things I would normally tell him. For example, I got a delicious Chili Cheese Burger the other day and took a picture to put in the journal or today I went to the beach and took a picture. He can read while he's at Tech school. Not only do I think he will like it, but it helps me feel close to him, even though we aren't able to talk.<br />
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Blessings to each of you and I hope the time goes by super fast for you!!

So this is the group of Tuesday girls! My man left Tuesday for Lackland as well and is in 320 TRS/FLT 184! There's a facebook page that gives a lot of information and says to write a lot. It doesn't say much about calls though :(

Oh crap! I bet I missed his address then! Yes he went to Lackland, so maybe they are in the same flight. That really sucks about his address tho!

My honey left Tuesday, too. =] Did yours go to Lackland? They might even be in the same flight. That would be very cute. =D<br />
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Phone calls can be abundant and phone calls can be scarce. I got my first phone call at the same exact time on the same exact night. He was giving me his address.. I hope you didn't miss his address cause you need that to write letters to him. Letters are also your best bet. I wrote my first one last night. It actually made me cry. I was sitting on the floor writing to him, talking to him like he was here and then I look on the floor at all his stuff that's here with me..old work boots and such and start boohooing. :P I thought I was done crying! I guess I'll always cry a little bit at little times..

It all depends on your airman's MTI ( military trainee instructor) if they are aloud to call a lot or not. Some MTIs are cool and come aren't. I was lucky enough for my boyfriend to get a cool MTI. They usually get to call every Sunday. But I have gotten really random phone calls out of no where. so KEEP YOUR PHONE ON YOU AT ALL TIMES!!! lol, that's my best advice. But since my boyfriend was gone during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years, his MTI let him call me! It's all really ba<x>sed off of luck girl. But DON'T EVER expect him to call you! I don't know how many times i expected my boyfriend to call me and then that call never came so i ended up getting my hopes up. Just go through it day by day and STAY STRONG!!!! We all are here to help and know exactly what you're going through!!! I'm here to talk!!! If you have anymore questions.... just ask! :D