Letter To My Boyfriend

Soo.. it's extremely long

I know you don't wana hear this so I won't text you... or call you since it's 4am >.<;; I'm listening to this info-mercial and it's pitching a collection of 1940s music, most of which are love songs. Rather than watching, I was using the TV as background noise like always. The most bizarre thing happened, I started crying. Tears were running down my face with no sign of stopping and I still didn't know why. Honestly, there are very few reasons why I would cry; you could guess most of them I'm sure.

I was thinking about how miserable I'm going to be when you leave. You are the epitome of happiness in my life. I wasn't sad without you but that was because you made me realize how beautiful my world can be. This isn't how I normally am and I don't know how I'll survive when you leave. I wish I could find joy in just being me. Going about my day doing everything I should and would be doing without you seems impossible, extraneousness, so lonely. It's hard for me to not think about what I'm doing. This results in misery and longing for the day when I don't have to go to school, when I live on my own, when you're back from the air force. You've been in my every waking moment for seven months and I don't have the willpower nor the desire to wean myself off you. One day you'll be here and the next you'll be away. You here right now and if it could remain this way I would be ecstatic. But I can't be selfish and I would never ask you to stay.

I don't know why I'm repeating myself, you know everything I'm saying already. We've talked a million and one times about it. Plus you don't like when I mention how sad I am. But before you go, I want to get this all off my chest so that I won't be tempted to tell you how blatantly depressed I am in letters. The next couple years... no, any period of time where you're gone seems like an endless blank calendar. A vastly stretching space of nothingness in which I'll be living off of my own thoughts. By that I mean I'll be thinking of you to keep myself sane. I hope I never forget your laugh or your touch.

Maybe you were expecting something sweet, short and simple like what I normally write you in notes and for this I apologize. You shouldn't have to bear the weight of my need for you. My impending emptiness is something I should be able to deal with on my own but I can't. That's another reason I'm scared of you leaving... I have no one to talk to. No one who I can be completely honest with. I'll go crazy. I will because no one cares enough to listen to my stupid dreams or what I watched last night or my random thoughts. You're so lucky to have the family you do.

Truly, I'm sorry for dumping this on you. I love you. And I'll be here waiting for you. When you've done the impossible and conquered the world remember that there's someone who's dying to hear all about it. <3
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5 Responses Jan 7, 2011

This brought tears to my eyes. This is exactly how I felt before my boyfriend left but you just have to remember its not forever & think about the future.

When I read this, I started crying because some of this is exactly how I feel.. it's so sweet you care so much about him

If this letter is extremely long, then mine are novels... Should I make mine shorter?<br />
And yes, your man is lucky to have someone who cares so deeply!

Thanks for your support :)

while i was reading this i had to fight back my own tears. you aren't alone, i still feel some of those feelings every once in awhile, more than i'd probably like to admit. but your letter is very sweet & the guy recieveing it is very lucky to have someone who loves & cares for him like you do. :)