"we Just Got A Letter...we Just Got A Letter...wonder Who It's From"

So, I just got my first letter from the boyfriend who is at BMT right now.

It's really short and you can tell that the TIs aren't giving them much time to write. But it really helped. Especially the last line that says: "I miss you every moment of every day."

It just helped to know that he was missing me too.
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2011

the letter is tears of joy! not sadness that hes not here! trust me, i got the letter and my heart skipped a beat (possibly two). its a great feeling and if you cry, let it out! its a happy cry that you know whats going on and that hes thinking of you. i read mine at least 3 times a day and i got it a couple days ago. <br />
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and @lbell789- nothing is cheesy when you havent seen your boyfriend in a long time. =)

I'm nervous about getting one from him!!! I don't want to cry that much. lol But I know I will. I'll read it and cry. Read it again and cry. Mine's in 323/180. He'll be in his 2nd week by this upcoming Monday. I hope I have one by then or before then. Thanks for letting me know, honey. =D

@lovejoyc Yeah, it made me happy. He's very cheesy.<br />
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@shindyle He's in FLT 161. They're going through Week Two right now so this was my first letter. I cried so hard when I read it the first time.

this almost made me cry. I'm actually..still trying not to. What flight is yours in, honey?

awwww thats really cute <3