For Those Who's Airman Is In Tech School

So the days are winding down till his graduation! Jan 21..
The time went by so fast but I know for a fact I'd rather not have to do that again.
I'm so excited to finally be able to see him! And for bootcamp to just be over with, for the both of us.
I'm so curious to see how he has changed. Despite how hard it was to be with out my man for 2 21/2 months, I have no doubt that it made us even closer.

I'm hoping Tech School will be a breeze compared to bootcamp, I'm sure it will be since you can talk to your airman everday.

My question was are they allowed to have visitors in Tech School?
It starts Jan 24 or 25th, and I have spring break Mar 5-14th.
I would really like to fly down to mississipi to see him! and maybe rent a hotel near his base.
anyone know if that is possible?

Also any tips in general about surviving Tech School...

Do they get any lap tops or computers to Skype? Can they have electronics at all...

Thanks Everyone!
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Thanks you so much everyone! That helped a ton!

My boyfriends been in tech school for almost 5 months now...(since august 21st. he graduated bmt aug 20th). Anyway, they cannot leave ba<x>se for the first 2 weeks. Once they phase up then they can. Some ba<x>ses have 2 phases and some have 3. My boyfriends has 2 only. I went and visited him at tech a month after he got out of tech in september from thursday to monday morning wen i left. And he was able to stay with me from friday after he got off duty till sunday night at 9pm and didnt have to go back at all between then. Thursday night he had to stay in his dorm though. But some ba<x>ses do not let them stay overnight off ba<x>se unless it is with their wife or immedate family. my boyfriend is at fort sam houston in san antonio which is an air force, navy, and army ba<x>se (soon to be air force ba<x>se). so they are alot less strict about that than most. He'll just have to check with the people at his ba<x>se. When he first gets there, he'll have at least 1 week of briefings so he'll be able to find everything out at those. But they cannot have their phones on them during duty hours. they are suppose to leave it in their dorms. (my boyfriend doesnt lol and texts me wen he goes to the bathroom n stuff lol) but theyll get off at 5 and go to chow hall and eat then hell be able to talk. If your boyfriend has a laptop, bring it to him to his graduation bc hell have no way of getting it then and i doubt anyone wants to ship it. Write him a letter asking if he wants it. We brought my boyfriend his. (even though their internet connection sucks there) Hope this helped sorry its so long lol

how long do you have to wait to go live with your boyfriend after tech if you're not married?

It all varies. My airman has been in tech school for a little over a month. We skype every single night and talk to each other every single day because yes they are allowed to have their cell phones and laptops and everything. BUT they're not allowed to have electronics on them until they reach i think phase three or block two. but if they're not on that phase yet then they get to talk to you as much as they want ON THEIR ON TIME. My airman wakes at four for PT then breakfast around six and then class from seven til five and then dinner. he finally gets to his dorm to talk to me at six there which is seven at my time. and yes they can have visitors :] but you cannot go into their dorms. What you can do is get a hotel and they can go over to stay at the hotel with you on weekends and on their own time. Hope this helped!

Tech school is... a piece of cake. But only compared to boot camp. lol My fiance is in his 2nd week and we talk/skype every single day. He is on night shift which sucks because he is an hour behind me, so he goes to school from 3 in the afternoon until 12am. They then have to go to breakfast from 12 to 1am so by the time he calls me it is 2am my time. We usually talk for an hour or more so by the time I go to sleep it's after 3. I am tired alot of days but it's what you do when you love someone. :) They also have PT 3 days a week but on the others and on weekends he is free to sleep in, do homework or relax until class starts. They do get visitors once they reach phase 2 and they are able to leave ba<x>se so we are actually waiting to hear if my airman moved up tomorrow so i can go see him this weekend! But yeah, it's a breeze compared to boot camp..but you still miss out on the physical contact of being able to be with them. I would give anything to be able to give him a hug... I am PRAYING he gets moved up tomorrow bc I WILL be in my car headed that way ASAP! haha :) I hope i answered your questions! Tell yours he can have cell phones, computers and tv! oh and I think by the time you are on Spring break.. you will definitely be able to go see him! good luck! :)

My airman is at Keesler too. as far as i know, We can't go on ba<x>se. but once they have "phased up" they can leave ba<x>se. But I'm hardly an expert lol. I'm thinking I might fly down to MS for a week and he can stay with me and just go back to class during the week. As far as electronics, Shane has his cell phone and his laptop in his dorm, and I know girls that Skype with their airmen. Hope this helps! sorry if i've given any incorrect information.