Heyy! Boyfriend At Tech School

Hey I'm new to this but I think it's great that such a thing exists (:
My boyfriend just graduated from BMT on January 14th. He is now at Sheppard AFB for tech school. He's there until the end of March.
It was very challenging to be without him for two months while he was away at BMT but we grew so much closer to each other. Tech school already seems like it's going to go by faster because he's been calling me every night! It's amazing to hear his voice, say I love you to him and goodnight to him every night<3
Anyone else have a boyfriend at Sheppard? (:
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I know this is an older post, but I came about it looking at some stuff for myself. Does anyone know whether or not students get a "break" period to go home if their tech school is a certain length? I read that somewhere but I can't find it anywhere else. I am going there for tech school and I am hoping to be able to go home at some point to see every one because my school is 9 months, and I know I am going to want to see my boyfriend.

that has happened to me before just because it was a reminder of how he wasn't here :/

my boyfriend of 4 years just left the 19th and it is the hardest thing we have ever been through.i miss him so much.he got to call me yesterday for 5 minutes but for some reason it made me even more sad.did this happen to anyone else?

for me basic was easier to deal with after a while. writing to him and getting his letters every now and then really was helpful. they don't get much time to write at all but when he did it was amazing. I cried a lot when he left for basic but I kept myself occupied and it didn't seem to be as hard. just hang in there and know that you're one day closer to seeing him (:

It gets harder you just learn to deal with it better

how hard was u to make it through basic my man just left and i cry everynight

and congratulations on getting married :D

they earn something called "atp" after they pass a few inspections and whatnot. that just means that they are allowed to go off ba<x>se and wear civilian clothes. my boyfriend already got his and he's only been their since the 17th. they get actual leave to come home after tech school depending on when that's over. i'm not sure what the rules are about curfew and sleeping off ba<x>se sorry!

I'm flying down in march to get married while I'm on spring break

well either he calls me or i call him but their work day ends at 4:30. i usually don't talk to him until 9:30-10 my time or 8:30-9 his time.

When do they start to get leave time? I know my boyfriend is really looking forward to coming home already....haha Can they have cars while they are in tech school? and I thought they had a curfew on the weekends during tech school and they weren't allowed to sleep off ba<x>se? is that a rule they just changed?

What time does he usually call you?

yup! they can use their phones every night and i think all day on the weekends because they have it off. i talk to my boyfriend every night (:

My Fiance just arrived at sheppard today, should i expect him to call tonight??

that's when my boyfriend's graduating too (:

ya mine is in phase 3 already and he can basicaly do wut ever he wants he can walk around in civilian close carry his phone with.and now they changed the rules so wen i go down to see him in march he can stay with me at the hotel the whole weekend and he doesnt need to go back to bace till monday morning! tech school is way better then basic cuz as soon as he is done with class he can do wut ever he wants.

my boyfriend is at sheppard too :) hopefully he'll graduate in late march or april.

they go through phases and each one they get more freedom. he just got there and he can already have his phone. after he passes certain things he will get to leave ba<x>se on weekends and wear civilian clothes. you can also send things if they sign up for a mailbox. mine signed up for 60 days. it's definitely a lot easier being able to communicate and talk to him whenever i want (:

let me know what tech school is like...rules, communication, etc. my boyfriend will be at sheppard in march :)

Mine goes to sheppard to he graduates in may and things were going great until he started to think it was fun blowing talking to me off just to go hang out with his friends :(

My boyfriend graduates next friday and he will be going to Sheppard! It's good to hear yours calls you every night! I'm sooo looking forward to that!!! :)