My Airman.....yay!!!

Hello ladies,My name is Krystle and my boyfriend just left for the Air Force BCT on January 17,2011. I was so sad, confussed, stressed out. Had no idea what was going to happen or anything.Then i found this site. I have been just reading and getting information from here. Which by the way is soooooooooo helpful. I thought at first i was the only one that was going thru this difficult time.i was difinitely wrong. i have been writting my Airman everyday from the day he walked on the plane. i felt like i lost apart of me. I never had these emotions before. But i now know i am absolutely in love with him. I just received my first phone call today!!! i got the chance to finally hear his voice. it was the best feeling ever. we use to see eachother EVERYDAY and from not even talking at all was driving me crazy!!!! so when i heard "hey baby" tears rolled down my face.(happy ones) lol He is doing really good. He said he miss me so much and he loves me. He told me to stay strong and keep my chin up. He also received all my letters and was sooo greatful. He said it keeps him motivated knowing he has his loved ones by his side.i cant wait to see him on his graduation which is march 18.A week before my birthday. Best Birthday gift ever!!! i would like to say thank you for everyone that help me with my answers even tho i didnt ask or post them.This site is very helpful.
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I'm hoping to his graduation.. I think it would mean a lot to him (and me, too!) I'll keep you posted! He's in 323/213. That would be kind of funny if they knew each other! He called me the beginning of week one and week two.. but I haven't gotten to talk to him for over a week now. I tried to not let myself get too disappointed because I know he's doing his best and would call ever chance he got. It just gives me something to look forward to for next week. :) I did get my first letters though - they made me tear up and laugh out loud all at once! Even though we're far away, I feel closer to him than ever before. I guess we have a true bond. I love him so much.

Thank you so much. My birthday is the 26th. I couldnt of asked for a better time to see him! Maybe if you go, ill see you there! may i ask what flight he is on? that will be cool if they were together. I just got another phone call this past sunday. the phone call was only 5mins but it felt so good to hear his voice! have you got a phone call yet?

My boyfriend graduates the 18th too, and my birthday is the 31st! He is the best present I could ever have.. I'm hoping I can go to his graduation! Even though we're really far away and it was extremely hard at first.. somehow I feel closer than ever. I truly do love him more with everyday that goes by. I came across this site when I thought I was the only one going through this situation. It's SO encouraging just even reading stories like these and being able to relate! We are not alone!! Stay strong, girlie! <3