Im Feeling Better :)

So last I was on here, I had received one call and I was just crazy about it! My emotions were everywhere! Well now its come down to 4 more weeks. :) Im excited this communication damnation is almost over. I have purchased my flight ticket and his family and i are looking into hotels and all that jazz. Since my love has been gone I have really bonded with his family. I go over to this parents house and just hang around. I think it would be crappy if I only came around when he was there. They mean alot to me. They let me read a letter he wrote them and it was the sweetest thing. It said like 2x in there, take care of my girlfriend, support her in all she is doing. Wow, what a sweet boyfriend I have. I really wish I could talk to him more but so far, Im adjusting well. I really have no choice I guess. He is worth every lonely night and day and every tear I cry. I love him. If having him means being lonely for awhile, so be it. It helps that Im hella busy with school (18 hours) and work (15 hours). Being busy is just the best distraction. Keep your chin up ladies!
Todaytomorrow4ever Todaytomorrow4ever
18-21, F
Feb 1, 2011