When He Has A Hard Day...

Hey ladies!

As I'm sure most of you realize, being the one at home means you have to do more than miss him. When your airman is gone, obviously he has a hard life, and needs to have a backup! WE are their backup!  WE'RE the ones that have to breathe life and love  into them, helping them become the amazing and strong men that we know they are. It's hard to be strong for them but it's so worth it. The times they come home, no matter how long or short they've been away, we know that the most precious thing in their sight is US! Because who stayed up late with them waiting for a call to just tell them they're loved? WE did! Who has been sending packages filled with sweet nothings and special (and maybe naughty) treats? WE did! Who can they always count on to back them up in a decision? WE are! Who is always the first one they call when they have access to a phone? WE are! Who do they know cries and has their heart almost broke when they leave....again, WE are the ones.

We'll never leave them and we'll never forget them... I know I'm not the only one who's mind is almost one continuous thought of my hero and how much I miss him, love him, and need him.

They can't fight w/o us! They can't go on without us... when the goin' gets tough and he wants to give up, we are the ones that motivate them to press on in spite of how they feel... and most of the time they don't even have to talk to us to be motivated or encouraged! Just the thought of us is enough to get them through each hard, stressful, terrifying and long day. When they do need a pick-me-up, they find some way to get a hold of US! Not their homies on the street playin' b-ball. They call US!

We can do this, ladies! It rips our hearts out that they're gone so much and in harms way, but it's worth it... YOU and I both know HE is worth everything.
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Oh, my, god.
It's all so true. He is worth all the long days where you know you should definitely stay up, do a self-photoshoot, write him letters, and mail them-- even when you've been working all day.

This was an unexpected find but I found it for a reason. This is what I needed tonight. :)

Ditto! This is just what I needed to read. Thank you.

thank you so much you have no idea how bad i needed to be told that today...:")

I really needed this. It helps so much to remember this if he's in a bad mood or snaps at you because he had a hard day. You just have to remember that he has it hard and you do too! He loves you no matter what. That's what I always remember about MY Airman.

Made my day reading this!!!! :)

I love this absolutely beautiful!!!!

This is SO true! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much this was something i definitely just need!! You are so right about everything you said. We all need to stay strong it will be ok!! Thank you again or the great words!!!!

Thank you so much this was something i definitely just need!! You are so right about everything you said. We all need to stay strong it will be ok!! Thank you again or the great words!!!!

SPOT ON! This seriously made my day. :))) thank you so much!!!!

Hi, I'm talking to an airman. And I need advice because he left last Friday. Is there anything anyone can tell me about how to deal with him being gone and all?

Be as positive as possible. He needs you to be strong and loving. You have this :)

sooo true. he is everything to me and i will always be there for him. thank you for posting this

Thank you sooo much for posting this!!!! This is such an inspiration to me and now every time I feel down or am missing my airmen, I'll read this and just remember that I need to be there and support him and that he's probably missing me a hundred times more!!! ^_^

Thank you for posting this!

this is soooo trueeee....thank you! :)))))

thank you for this. it is hard, and tough just have to be strong each day

Love this, thank you so much for posting. What an uplifting thought and i know its so true. My airmans deployed right now and every once in awhile we'll be on skpye and he looks at me and tells me i'm the only thing that keeps him going sometimes and the thought of coming home to me helps him make it through every day. We are so blessed :)


That is sooo true!!!!

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed :) everything you said is spot on and so true! He IS worth everything to me, I love and miss my airman so much! But I'll never give up on him no matter how long he is gone whether it be a few weeks or a year because the moment he comes back it'll all be worth every second of worry that I've had while he's been overseas. You rock for posting this!