Beating The 'Tech School Curse' :)

So girls, all i've been reading lately are Tech school horror stories about the supposed "Tech School Curse" and I'm tired of all the negative things I've been hearing about it... Just because your man is going to tech school does not mean your relationship is doomed to fail.  I know it happens, but I got it in my head that all these horrible things would go wrong before my boyfriend was even out of basic. Before my boyfriend left for tech I heard so many things that he would probably do: he'd become distant, he'd cheat on me, he would never talk to me, he would spend all of his time with his friends, he would sleep around with half the "dorm bunnies" at his base, and we were destined to break up eventually. I was terrified for tech school before it even began!

Well,  I am now a month into tech school and I can assure you that none of these things have happened. If anything, my boyfriend and I are closer now since he has been there. we talk for 2-3 hours a night during the week and then all day on the weekends, and it is amazing, esp compared to basic! He talks to me as much as he can. I am going down in less than a month for my spring break to see him, and I am so excited! Our relationship is stronger now than it was even before he left...distance has not changed this one bit, only made us stronger.  So ladies, there are some relationships that do work out at tech school! It does take trust and patience when you cannot talk to them, but time definately flies when they are in tech school compared to basic!

I know we are only a month into tech school, and I know every relationship is different, but I just wanted to encourage everyone to stay positive instead of reading all the horror stories about tech school and doubt your man before he even gets out of basic! Tech school can be a really positive experience and will be test your relationship, but if your meant to be, you'll make it! So to all those girls in basic, things do get way better in tech, and stay strong :)

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My boyfriend is in his first week of BMT right now and this has been something of a worry for me. I trust him completely but I dislike the thought of him even having the temptation around him even though I know he would never give into it. Hearing stuff like this made me feel so much better. Thank you so much for posting this. If my recruiter snags my job with a leave date some time around June i should be joining him while he's still at his tech school because we both qualified for linguistics :)

Thank you for posting this. I really needed to read this because I too have been reading so many "tech school" horrors stories. And THIS article has really given me that positive outlook on tech school.

My Boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and he has been gone for 4 months in Tech school. At first, I was terrified.. But I can honestly say, that we are the things that keep each other going. Being so afraid of him cheating, I would ask him daily, and not believe me when he was telling me the truth. But after 4 months of him talking to me everyday for 2-3 hours everynight, we are closer than ever. It's SO hard right now, but it makes the reward to see him and the chances you get to talk to him, so incredible. I can't talk to him without smiling and completely geeking out because I know that he wouldn't talk to me if he didn't trully care. so my advice, trust. if they write you during BMT everyday, chances are you are the most important thing in his life and he can't stop thinking about you :)

Sooo.. my boyfriend graduates on this Valentines Day and I cant make it to his graduation.. were not very sure where he's going to be sent for tech school but ever since I've heard about airmen cheating in tech school I've been a nervous wreck..(I was cheated on before him) We've been dating for almost two years and event though I know he loves me and cares because he writes me everyday,I have just the slightest fear one day he'll wake up and just wont care anymore and cheat or something. But this does help me have some hope. I assumed cheating just wouldnt happen,you know? How do deal with it? Please. Hearing about these cheating stories in Tech school almost makes BMT sound like nothing..

You really can't listen to anyone, or any horror stories I did and I really freaked myself out!!! But it depends on who your with, guys did go out at the my ba<x>se my boyfriend (now fiancé :)) was at but he chose not to. He went out to eat and stuff but not to like the hotel parties they would have. We did fight a lot and it was hard but not impossible and I'm sure he never thought about cheating. Tech school is no different than anywhere else- if they're gonna cheat they'll cheat but just because they are there doesn't automatically mean its Going to Happen which I psyched myself out to believe. Tech school really isn't bad at all! Its actually nice because they are always in school. Seems like it was so long ago it's been a year since my fiancé was there :) if you have any questions you can email me because I'm never on here too much, my email is :) I was looking to everyone for advice when my fiancé first joined so if you ever wanna talk just email me! :)

Thank God for your story. I just joined and all I have seen so far is horror stories about Tech School. My boyfriend is still in BMT and I was just suddenly filled with terror about him going to tech school. I hate to say it, but, if he cheated, I wouldn't be able to leave him... And that's a scary thought.

My husband is getting ready to go to tech school. We are already trying to plan my first visit. My husband and I have been married 5 years and together 7 1/2 years. Every relationship is different. I am blessed. I have a man who isn't a cheater and treats me like I am the only woman in the world. People try to plant things in your head, that your man will cheat and not love you anymore, blah blah blah. You know your man. There still are good guys out there, they don't all cheat. Plus, men who join the Air Force are usually good men of character anyways, so to me that says a lot! Our relationship has already gotten stronger from this whole experience of being apart just during basic training! We are like newlyweds again! It may not work for all relationships, but I believe if you are meant to be together it only makes things better. I have also heard that they are so busy studying that they don't have a lot of free time.

agreed!! My airman and I are perfect! We talk non-stop.. Unless he is in class, and even then he gets brave and texts me. He even pretends to use the bathroom and locks himself in a stall just to send me a text. haha He's crazy! But we skype daily.. and we meet half way on the weekends, it's only 2 hours for both of us to drive. We split the hotel room and just enjoy the time we have together. WITH NO BUNNIES! :) haha so.. there is hope! We are counting down the days till our wedding!