So i feel really selfish about this but im so ancy! all the time. it's been almost two weeks and no letter no phone call nothing. i miss him so much and to top it all off my sorority is having a valentines date dinner tonight and guess who doesn't have a date? THIS GIRL! because the only guy i would ever want to go to one of these things with is my boyfriend who is half way across the country. i just want something anything. a thirty second phone call will suffice. not to mention none of my girlfriends have an idea of what i am going through so i have nobody to talk to. wish april would just get here already!
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thank you all for the support, yeah it has been a struggle to stay strong but i am, i'm actually kind of proud of myself :]

i think i have sent something like 10 or 11 letters with not one back. sigh hopefully it will get here soon.

i cannot wait to see my airman!! im so excited! :] i can't wait to hear all the stories to hold his hand and claim him mine. i can't wait to hear his voice often.

lol in my whole life i've never had a valentine till last year (was my first) haha and this year i have a distant valentine :] that counts right? :]

i agree with you D2020 i was definitely more upset before he left than i am now. it was like he had the choice to be with me if he wanted and now he dosen't have that choice anymore.

mabey at BMT Graduation if they announce his name or whatever i can take a picture for you? (hope that dosen't sound weird) haha i'm just sad you won't be able to go.

lol don't marry your best friend i like rory already for you :]

thank you

stay strong girlies, in the end it'll all be worth the wait and you will be in your airman's arms in no time and it'll be the best feeling, i promise :)

i know the feeling. in this book i bought it said to keep busy for the first two weeks cuz its depression otherwise. once you get that first call, it will seem ok but not fully. i got a call but m currently waiting on any kind of letter. stay strong gurls an i know vday will suck, no sweeties :-(

Same, some days im okay, other days i am going crazy. my goal is not to cry but sometimes i break down. only twice i think that's pretty good for a week and a half?

yeah john's friends are helpful too. they understand what im going through cause they miss him also. i can't wait to hear what they tell you he siad :] its gonna be so sweet! :]

so my boyfriend's name is john what's yours? and idk what i was thinking but somehow i thought it would be a good idea to watch Dear John last night... omgoodness it was like they were telling my story!

hahahahahaaha finally someone who knows!!! :]

no worries im constantly looking into stuff like this! lol

lol i wish i would have thought of that before but it was going on as i was writing lol how are you holding up D2020?