My Stooory :)

This is my first time writing on here, sooo my boyfriend and I met through mutual friendss right before he went in to the af which was a year ago in March. Then probably November of last year after alot of thought I decided I wanted to join the af but I wanted some answers to some questions I had before I fully made up my mind. So knowing he was in the af I called himm up just to talk about all of it and see if it was really somethin I wanted to do. and loong story short we haven't stopped talkin since and now were together, I know Im probably not the smartest for goin into a long-distance relationship knowing it will be hard but idc bc Im so into him its crazzy! he is stationed in South Carolina and our home town is here in Florida, really close to Orlando. Buut he comes home aloooot! sometimes like 2x a month maybe 3. he gets every holiday off and since its only 6 hours away from home he drives down friday after work and leaves sunday. its not much but its worth it. we talk everyday on the phone. I feel like we have been together forever! he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I dont exactly get along with my parents especially here lately. and I hate highschool but he is the reason I goo. he keeps me sane through it alll. he is so supportive! and he is coming home this weekend, I CAANT wait! I'll post again on Sunday to tell y'all how it goes if not before then :) soo thats all for now. hopefully I didn't forget anything.p.s even though I see him alot compared to all of y'all I miss him so much and my friends dont understand bc theyve never been through anything like this, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with this let me know :) thaanks <3 Kaley
missyk11793 missyk11793
18-21, F
Feb 13, 2011